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Night Shift Prepping

I am attempting to prep myself for night shifts. Starting tonight I will be starting my 12 hour night shifts. Of course the first six, I will be shadowing and then working with somebody but I am getting nervous about it. I am not a morning person although I will get up for work or school but its not my favorite time of the day. I love afternoons and tend to stay up a little bit at night but not all night. I will have to transition to staying awake most nights and sleep during the day. Its almost 5am. I have done a good bit of homework, currently doing laundry, had midnight snack with boyfriend at a conveniently 24/7 steak n shake, and now just waiting out my last two or three hours of being awake.

I drank some coffee earlier and have lots of lights on. As time goes on, I think I will end up really enjoying being up at night since no one else really is so no distractions means more chores and homework will be done hopefully. Right now, I am not a huge fan of staying awake on fumes to get transitioned before my first shift. Its kind of a bummer that I have all three shifts this weekend because its Easter weekend and a lot of family will be here on Sunday. I am hoping that I can wake up earlier enough Sunday afternoon to go before work but unfortunately with the drive it won’t be until around 9am in the morning before I get to bed because of the drive, shower, and eating. I figure that if I get to bed by 9am that it won’t be until 5pm that I will start waking up because I tend to sleep at least 8 hours. We shall see.

I guess I am turning into one of my hamsters now. We will be on the same sleeping schedule now haha. I would transition back to a normal sleep schedule during the part of the week I don’t work but apparently its really bad on your body. Especially for your metabolism. I am looking forward to working with a good team. Everyone seemed to get along really well. I read online, when looking up tips for the night shift, that the crews at night are typically closer because there are less people around so everyone has to work hard together.

Hope everyone is sleeping soundly,


P.S. Has anyone ever worked a night shift? Any tips?

P.S.S. I would like to include I have only ever worked one night shift. It was for black Friday at a shoe/clothes store in the outlet malls. It was a one time hire/help thing. It wasn’t so bad actually.

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New Job!

I learned about this, I believe, two weeks ago that I definitely got the hospital job I applied to! I have been wanting to make some posts about this process because so many things are going through my mind. Can I handle 12 hour shifts? Will I do okay when situations come up? Can I retain all this new knowledge? Will I have a good group of people working with me?

Of course, even more questions and thoughts are in my mind but those are the ones running in my head over and over again. I just haven’t had the time to put my thoughts to paper (okay well wordpress haha). I have been working at the assisted living place each weekend and then going to school during the week. On top of that I have been going to the hospital for training in between work and school. If I find any time between all of that, I am probably with my boyfriend or family. (My dad’s girlfriend is in the process of selling her house and moving in with us so we see her more, and my brother has been over lately because he just got a new job and is transitioning due to his jobs being mainly near us which is two hours from him. My boyfriend works and goes to school so I barely see him so when we can match our schedules up, we always try to hang out.)

I applied to a bunch of CNA positions at the hospital I got hired to (and when I say a bunch I literally applied to every single opening that was not full time, so over 20) probably a month ago. I still talk to my Health science/CNA instructor and babysit for her. The other two babysitters she has works at this hospital as CNAs and told me to apply a certain way to be sure to get an interview. They told me to open every single tab up with all the different positions available and to fill each one out. After that, I pushed submit to each one as fast and at the same time as I can. I thought this was crazy! They told me it would flood the system with just yours so some directors should see it better. It freaking worked!

I got a call about two weeks later from the secretary at the Cardiac Medical unit asking about an interview time! I honestly did not expect the call within two weeks, knowing hospitals can take forever! I got an interview for the following Monday with the nurse director. I got there super early (unfortunately the commute is about 40 minutes long) and waited in my car so I did not seem too eager. I have always been told in business classes and presentations that 15-10 minutes is the right amount of time to be early at an interview. Any earlier and you seem too eager, any later and you seem like you don’t care.

I waited about 15 minutes in the nurse’s station until the nurse director came over. She was super nice! She told me how she was really new there and it would take her some time to pull papers up for the interview. She took a bit of time to get around the computer system to print papers and then asked me a bunch of questions. She seemed genuinely happy to hear that I worked in the memory care and said it must have been hard. She also gave me a bunch of advice with nursing and explained a new system (not sure if it is named the same everywhere but here its called HCAHPs). It mainly effects nurses and doctors because through the Medicare system in the United States, the government gives over quite a lot of money to hospitals through the insurance. Due to this they decided to regulate it by putting in surveys that patients fill out. These effect how much nurses and doctors may get paid because if a patient does not put they always did xyz for the patient or that the hospital rated a 9 or 10 (out of a scale or 1 to 10) then the government will not pay the full amount of money for the bill. Also if the hospital does not rate a certain percentage throughout the United States then the government fines them (I believe). Its a crazy system that I keep hearing about because now the hospital is trying to change to more of a customer service type place because they want to get paid.

Anyway, she told me that her secretary would call me about setting up another interview but that it would be a peer interview. I got called a day or two later about setting up the peer interview at 10 o clock at night. I was surprised to be interviewed by the night shift but was also delighted because to be completely honest I am not a morning person. I had to go through the emergency room and buzzed in because after like 8:30 the hospital locks up every door except the ER. It was a bit confusing to get around the hospital but I managed to get to the right unit! I waited in the nurse’s station again and later was met by maybe six different ladies. They were really relaxed and talking with each other before everyone got there. They all seemed really good with each other. They asked me about myself and just a couple questions. They told me how they would train me there for a lot of different things and how if the nurses know you are in nursing school they will show you as much as they can to prepare you. They talked about making me a monitor tech. It was short and sweet and a lady who was a CNA showed me how to get out. She talked about what it was like to work there and assured me that if I could do an 8 hour shift that I could do a 12 hour shift. She did say it is a big change but that once I got used to it, it would be nothing.

I waited almost two weeks after and heard nothing back so I called the secretary and she said I was on the definite hire list and there must’ve been a mix up with human resources. I was super delighted but had to wait a weekend before hearing from human resources. I was told probably 11am that day and filled out all kinds of paperwork that I printed off an email and faxed it over. I also gave my official two weeks notice to my supervisor over in memory care. It was awkward. This is only my second ever two weeks resignation letter. I also wrote thank you notes to the two supervisors I met when I got there and two the of employees I liked working with the most. I will miss my residents, even though it was tough at times. This past weekend was my last weekend. I told them I would come back to visit and I do plan to. I worked at a restaurant before this and said I would come back and visit but never did (there was a lot of drama going on besides just leaving though) but this time I really do plan to. These people have been in my life for 6 months. Time flies by but they will always have a place in my heart. Some have passed away while I was there. It’s tough getting to know these residents and for them to slowly lose weight and to mentally decline. I have been told that as time goes on that you need to harden up emotionally but I can’t see that happening working in memory care when I see a beautiful lady become skin and bones and forget how to eat.

Working in the hospital will show me if I want to be a nurse still or go a different route. I have a lot of training ahead of me. I hope everything works out.

Hope all is going well with everyone,

P.S. I did not expect my post to go from happy news to sad thoughts when I started out. Sorry about that. 😦



Thank goodness school is back in my life! Less working in the assisted living place and more contact with people my age! It is crazy going to work and being around people who are about four times my age. The oldest lady in the place is 103! One lady turned 98 recently. Its so crazy but it is also so sad because I work in memory care only. These people had incredible lives but can’t remember a lot of it.

I’m so happy to be in class again but here comes homework and studying. This semester will be more than last semester, although this semester has a lot of online work. I really don’t like doing work online especially math. You have to plug the answers in a specific way or you are wrong completely. I prefer doing it all on paper but they have changed everything to computers and now all our quizzes, homework, and exams are online. They also switched a lot of lecture time to working in the math computer lab! So obnoxious. I want traditional classes where you show up, a teacher teaches you, and then you take the test on paper. I love and hate technology. ugh.

I am also working on not stressing. Take each day as it comes. It sounded easier when I said it and thought it. On the Brightside that giant calendar is super organized!

After I settle into all this school and work stuff I need to focus on getting another job. I am so ready for the hospital. I want to get trained and start working where I want to be already! I am also hoping to see if I can get help with school through the hospitals. I need to redo my resume now that I do have more job experience and then start the long process of applying again.

Keep smiling and don’t stress!


Anything new with anyone? New job? School?

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Happy belated new years!

Happy new years to everyone! It is a fresh year. This past year for my family has been rough. My dad’s girlfriend found out she had cancer and went through chemo throughout the summer and is now going through radiation. Her daughter has had it pretty rough due to finding out about her mom, she moved in with her and stayed up at nights watching over her and taking care of her. My dad was getting frustrated with his work place and is has not been happy working there. My grandma had a stroke and had to go through the hospital. I got bit by a dog and had to get rabies vaccinations. It has been a long year but we did have good moments as well. My dad’s girlfriend found out in the middle of chemo that she was completely free of cancer but they wanted to finish all the treatments to be for sure. Her hair has already started growing back really nicely! Her daughter found out right before the end of the year that she got a job at the hospital as a lab assistant.

I can’t wait to start school this Wednesday for the spring semester! I hear other people saying they are not ready but trust me I am! I worked a lot over the break and it is certainly not my dream job. I do not understand how these other people do it full time every week. A lot of them have two jobs. Its a lot of work working in memory care day after day. I can not wait to start this semester so I can go back to working only a couple to a few days a week! I am hoping to apply to a bunch of hospitals again now that I have three months of experience. I am desperate to work in the hospital and away from assisted living facilities. Also I can not wait for my next paycheck! I worked a lot of hours this past two weeks and I cannot wait to see that it was worth it!

This new year I cannot wait to move into a nice house with my dad, his girlfriend, her daughter, their dog and my dog. I will not be living there for too long but it will be nice while it lasts. Also I cannot wait till they get married although it will be a while before then. I hope to get a new job within the next couple months or so (hopefully before summer). I have already started to get organized by asking for a shoe holder for Christmas, buying a closet organizer, buying filing folders. I will become organized! I will not say its my new years resolution but more of a goal because every time I say resolution I never keep at it for some reason. I also have a giant calendar to keep up with my schedule!

This year will be interesting. I can’t help but keep thinking about how in August I will be turning twenty. Two decades old. I will no longer be a teenager. I still have acne, have a tendency to be awkward, and am disorganized. I still procrastinate. I hope the last eight months of being a teenager will push me to become more of an adult.

How was everyone’s past year and what do you expect from the next?


P.S. does anyone else’s family eat black eyed beans and greens on new years? Apparently the beans bring good luck and the greens bring money. A couple years back we ate grapes for good luck and ran around with luggage  for luck with traveling. These traditions were with different parts of the family. I guess we will see if any of it works.


Japan’s veggietales?

I posted this a while back on my other blog but thought I would post it on this blog as well. This was just too funny to me when I watched it the first time. Hope you guys get a chuckle or two.


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PPD test

I don’t know if any of you guys have ever gotten a PPD test done before but they are weird! For my new job I had to get one. I got one last year while taking my CNA class in high school. They did it in school actually for the whole class. This time it was for work so you get a slip and take it to the health place and wait like an hour for the nurse to inject you with something under your skin. It causes a bump but then later goes away. You are not suppose to rub or scratch it.

The PPD test is to check if you are infected with Tuberculosis. Its easily transmitted through breathing really close because its in the lungs. Basically the test is to see if you have those TB cells in you and if you do the stuff they injected under your skin will make you get a reaction. Typically its a bump with redness. If you are allergic then obviously there will be more problems. For me it got a little red with a slight bump and then almost completely went away before they checked it. They do a reading on it 48-72 hours later. I was so worried it was going to stay red but it went away! apparently the redness does not matter. Its the bump part. I was negative again! Yay!

If someone is positive then they have to get a chest x-ray checked by a doctor and then start medication.

It’s an interesting experience. I get to go through it every single year as a healthcare worker. joy.


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Gratitude Journal #6

I should really try to keep up with these more because I can be such a negative person that remind myself about the positive is like meditation in a way to me!

Alright so, recently I got into groupon! They have an app for your phone or you can go online and get great deals on all sorts of things! I got myself a mini spa package. I got a facial, my hands moisturized and just an hour of relaxing. The lady was great! I never had a face massage before and that was nice. My skin felt refreshed, I felt like my hands were lotioned to the core with this wax stuff. The chair was warm and comfortable. I would recommend this. It took a lot of stress away. I appreciate these groupons because without it, I never would have gotten it for myself.

I appreciate having my dog, Lacy in my life. With her wet nose and cute little whiskers that remind me of an otter. She is by my side. I love going on car rides with her and we take walks together. I took her to the farmers market a couple weeks back. She is my best friend. She never even licks anybody. She is well behaved.

I appreciate my dad even though he is butt head. I love him. He worries about me at 8pm at night. I get a text saying “hey where are you at this time of night?” What an old man. Its nice to have someone care about you rather then no one ever ask if you are okay and where you are. He allows me to talk his ears off to a point because our schedules get so crazy that its nice to talk to him when I do get to see him.

I appreciate my new found family. My dad’s girlfriend had found out she had cancer at the beginning of the summer and has been going through chemo. She has no more cancer in her but they are just finishing the treatments for sure. I love her and my new sister, Melissa and all my crazy aunts that are now part of my family because of them.

I also would like to give a shout out to the sun for providing us sunlight and warmth which allows our bodies to make Vitamin D. I also appreciate being able to go to school! I know others can not but I appreciate being lucky enough to go and I plan to make good use with my degree.

Keep smiling,

What do you appreciate today? Is it something simple like chocolate chip cookies or is there something else that has made you feel humble and happy lately?


Almost Halloween already!

What a crazy ride it has been! I don’t think I have posted since July? It says on my notifications that I have more followers? Are you guys out there actually reading my posts haha. I am always shocked because I post so little although I keep wanting to post more, more often but life gets so busy. I’m thinking about posting vlogs? I’ve never done one before and I don’t even know if I am interesting enough to talk about on a video but it may be less time consuming then writing because my posts can get so long.

Well a little catch up since July…

I survived my stitches and shots although I am now scarred all over my left hand. Not that bad but sometimes I stop and just go, “Man, why did I have to go get bit?” I realized that since I let my grandmother cut the stitches off that its probably why one of my scars is so bad, because she did it too soon. She used to be a registered nurse but its been so long. I should have went to the doctor or waited longer on the stitches. Oh well.

I started my first semester of college but it has not been this huge life changing event because I still live at home and the school is literally 15 minutes away from the house. Its a lot cheaper then a university so I will end up doing two years here and then transferring over to a university to go into a nursing program. Right now I am taking four classes. One online and the other three in the classroom. Humanities is online, I actually just finished a narrated powerpoint presentation on Isaac newton. Very interesting man. I am taking Intermediate Algebra ughhh. Its so boring because I took Trigonometry in my last high school year so I am ahead of all this and should be taking college algebra but my counselors did not do anything to change it when I asked. Its easy so my GPA will be good at least. Then I will take the actual credit counting class next semester. I felt like a nerd in this math class because I got a 98 on my test and the teacher was saying, the highest grade was 98 and I kind of slumped down in my chair. I’m already Asian so everyone already says oh its because you’re Asian. When in reality its because I took this already in my Freshman year of high school. I do have to admit that the teacher is good at explaining and should be a high school teacher. Lots of kids would have benefitted from him. My other classes are Nutrition and Sociology, which are my longest classes. Although neither have kept us for the full 3 hours. I like both teachers a lot. My Nutrition teacher is good but he has not given us many grades. Our first test is next week which is already halfway through the year to just get a big grade. It will be 25 questions so no biggy. My sociology teacher is awesome. She is from Virginia and comes to class in a tank top and jeans. She is not judgmental and is just an incredible lady! She used to be a parole officer and now she helps with the hotline for abused women. She is extremely smart and tough.

My classes I take are evening classes from Tuesday to Thursday. Then the online class but its basic.

I also gave my two weeks notice about four weeks or something to my serving job because they were being so horrible to all of us. I did not want to be mean about it because I get that the bosses just had a baby and have a small business but they never gave us schedules until the day before, they nagged me about washing my hands too much (what the heck right? Would you be comfortable knowing that the restaurant owners told their employees to not wash their hands as often?), they were super cheap about a lot of things like paper towels and the list went on. The lady was out most of the summer but then came back a couple days a week and would bring the baby into the kitchen while in her stroller because they did not want to get a baby sitter. She told me to stop saying “Hey, guys,” when people walked into the restaurant and nagged me about it all day and then told me later that if I didn’t stop saying it she wanted to strangle me. She laughed as she said this. I just was not making enough money to be treated like crap. I was going to give them longer then two weeks of help if they needed but then they did not give me any days during the weekdays so I could earn tips so I was like okay, bye as soon as my two weeks was done. I already had a job lined up as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). I had gone out after I gave my two weeks and applied to every assisted living facility and long term facility with a nice done resume and got an interview the next day and was waiting to end my job at the other place to start training in my new job. And of course I got two texts within this time asking to come back for a couple of hours for cash work. It is not worth 20 dollars or whatever for me.

I am working in the memory care unit right now. There are only 13 residents and I have gotten a lot of patience because everyone has Alzheimer’s so a lot of things happen repetitively like questions, stories, and so forth. Its hard work for 9 dollars an hour but I got a lot of hours so far. I am worried that I am going to be over worked. I may ask them to give me less hours during my school semesters since I still need to study. They are giving me about three to 4 days a week right now so some weeks all I do is go to work four days straight and then go to school three days straight afterwards. I still have half the day to myself but I think a day free a week would be nice. Maybe next semester I will tell them because this semester is easy. Plus I don’t like being away form the residents for too long because I worry about how some of the other employees treat them. Not necessarily do something to them but what they do not do like check if they need to be changed more often and so forth.

That’s just a summary of my school and work life these past couple months. Hope everyone is doing well!


Feel free to comment about what is going on in your life right now! I’d love to hear!

I also have lots more to talk about so I will try to post more soon!

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Half way there!

Got the first set of shots for my rabies vaccinations! I survived! They really need to get stickers made up for anyone who gets rabie vaccinations. They are awful but I suppose dying from rabies is worse. Its a horrible way to die so the pain and misery for two week is worth it I suppose. Still not fun though!

The first day! How does that sang go? “The first is the worst…” It truly is. The first preventive shot is based off of weight. There is no exact shot amounts. It just depends on where the bite is apparently. Since mine is in the hand it hurt worse then usual. The nurses and the doctor were really nice. The nurses were super cool and I really appreciate their efforts to keep me from getting rabies! Its apparently pretty rare for people to get these shots nowadays. The First shot was on the top of my hand and the nurse said so that she doesn’t have to give me multiple shots she was going to fan the injection around the top of my hand, if that makes sense. I didn’t look but I must say that the actual prick of the needle didn’t hurt nearly as much as the stuff injected into my hand. That stuff burned. Then it was two more shots into my hand on the bottom under the main puncture wounds from the bite. After that it was one shot into each hip. After that it was my first vaccination into my right arm but that was a cake walk compared to the other things. So overall 6 shots that day. I was tired and sore that day and got a low grade fever later on. Those are all normal symptoms.

Third day shot. Today is the third day into the shots. I got one vaccination shot into my left arm this time. Not bad exept it made my arm really sore and I have been tired and got a low grade fever which are normal symptoms.

I have two more shots coming up. Those are just one shot in my arm and that’s not too bad. The cool thing is that the vaccination is a pretty purple color. Weird but cool.

Keep smiling and don’t ever get bitten (its not fun),


Rabies shots

So it turns out that I will be getting the Rabies shots. The first day is about three shots and I know for sure one will be injected underneath the bites and then one at the shoulder/arm and then at the hip. Then I will have to come back there the third day then something like the 11th day, all the way up to the 21st day. I will be starting them tomorrow around 1pm. I have to drive an hour and a half to get the first day’s then I can get them moved to a clinic closer to me. Not many clinics carry it because its not usually needed. I could go to the ER to get them started but seriously? That’s a lot of money just for some shots that honestly may not even be needed!

I spent most of my Thursday calling people about the dog’s paperwork. I started with the owner of the dog who said she sent the Vet’s info to the Police and Animal control. Well I talked to my grandmother on how to go about proof. She told me to call Animal control and check. I did, waited a while on hold and found out, nope! No paperwork from any such “vet”. Called owner back. She said she sent it. Asked for the Vet’s number. Called that number and got the most unprofessional response from some supposed rescue center for small dogs under 20 lbs. The dog that I got bit by was a pitbull mix and the lady said there wasn’t ever any pitbulls in her facility. Called the owner back to have not much of an explanation. My grandmother was so upset and so she called animal control, the police station, and the health department for me. I got a call form the health department from a man and he said he could get the appointments for me if I decide to go through with the shots. The owner was suppose to get the paperwork together for me. The owners are pretty much responsible for the dog being hit and biting me although I went up to the dog. I feel responsible for it too but we do have a leash law here that says you must have your dog on a leach or behind a gated area. the dog ran into the road because there was not a leash on her. I’m more upset with the fact that the owners were not more responsible for their dog! They moved there 10 days before this happened. The dog was not used to the area and should have been on a leash. Their house is directly in front of a busy road. It was around 5pm where lots of traffic was going on! What were they thinking? I’m still so upset about that poor dog being hit. It was such a big construction like truck that hit it. The owner didn’t even go to her dog. If it was my dog or even if it wasn’t I would have ran over to help the dog and get him or her to an emergency animal hospital. We have a bunch around here.

I’m sure you can tell I am a huge animal lover. My dogs are spoiled. They’re like my children to me.

The shots seem to be covered by my insurance which apparently can cost up to $1200 altogether. The only thing will be the visit costs. I think the owners should pay that. We didn’t ask anything for the stitches. If they had not buried the dog, the dog would have been tested for rabies. I think I will leave this to my dad to handle calling them. I am tired of all the calls. I shouldn’t have to be calling everyone in the universe for some paperwork that doesn’t even seem to exist. Also I am a bit upset that animal control nor the police called me up again after the first initial call. They said they would have the medic team call me if paperwork didn’t show up to sign me up for appointments. Then again, they had to hear my grandmother tell them a piece of her mind so I suppose we are all even. haha.


P.S. Don’t try to help a dog that is hurt. Call the police or find the owners. Lesson learned.

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