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Interesting Books to Check out!

Some books that I fine that are good reads are:


The Hunger Game Trilogy

A very good series : )

The Hunger Games are amazing! I think Everyone should try to read the books before the movies! It’s a very complicated story to explain. It’s one of those you have to read to understand type things. What I can say is that it takes place in the future where the whole world has kind of been destroyed for the most part by huge natural disasters and the society is much different. There is something like a Government called The Capital and they run Districts. Nobody can leave these districts.At one point there are 13 districts but when the districts rise up and try to overthrow the Capital, they fail and the capital destroys the 13th district. They make the districts play a game every year where they put everyone’s name from each district at the age of 12 to I think 19 and make them draw a girl and a boy. They call these tributes and the 24 tributes have to go against one another in an arena. Only one person gets out alive and it’s just extremely violent and sad. The Capital people watch the games like it is entertainment and can sponsor tributes they like to be able to send them food or anything else. It’s just a depressing series overall but it’s good. And oh yeah the main character is a girl named Katniss Eveerdeen who takes the place of her sister Prim for the Games. (The first book is The Hunger Games, 2nd is Catching Fire, and 3rd is Mockingjay.)





Sookie Stackhouse Series

A great but long 11 book series!

The Sookie Stackhouse Series are great as well! I am almost done with this series. It is an eleven book series. The show Trueblood is based off of it. I haven’t seen the show before but maybe when I finish the books I will try watching it? Anywho the Books are very funny. It’s one of the most unique takes on life I have ever read. Sookie Stackhouse is a 27 year old Barmaid (Waitress), who works at a family oriented bar called Merlottes. She lives in a Tiny town, Bontemps, in Louisiana (Hey I was born in Louisiana!).  She is just a sweet southern girl but everyone for the most part thinks of her as crazy or a bit off because she can read minds. She is a telepath but in the series she considers herself in a way disabled because of it. The series starts off with the lastest thing in the world being vampires revealing themselves as existing. She meets a Vampire named Bill Compton (Go figure, the first vampire in the series would have such a unique name…not) and her whole life takes a turn into a crazy supernatural kind of life. It’s actually a really funny series with a lot of love drama going around and oh yeah some violence and actiony stuff.  (The first book is Dead until dark and the 2nd is club dead and so on. Just look up sookie stackhouse series listing online and if you still can’t find out just ask me ^^)




Check out this book series!

The 44 Book series is great! It’s only a three book series! I had to wait to read the third one till like valentines day at the time and that was like a week! This series is a quick read and is really neat. It’s about a girl who has basically no family besides her big sister and she struggles after an accident on a lake. I don’t want to go too indepth with the description because so much is found out throughout the series that I’m not sure exactly what was in the first book and what wasnt! So information packed. Well anyway this series is easily labeled unlike others it’s just 44, 44 book 2, 44 book 3. Easy Squeezy, lemonizy.

And many more books to come! Just gotta think of them! Or I could look through my kindle but I just recently got that so not all my favs are on it!



3 responses to “Interesting Books to Check out!

  1. I could not refrain from commenting. Flawlessly composed!

    • TearLily says:

      Thank you so much! I’m actually really surprised that you and I believe one other have told me this because when I write it doesn’t feel very composed. It sort of feels all over the place. Thank you again,


  2. Jordan135 Gaming says:

    Nice blog. And I have seen The Hunger Games 1 and 2 and check out my blog at jordan135gaming.wordpress.com 🙂

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