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on July 13, 2017

First off hello everyone! Long time no…talk? Text? Blogging? How is Everyone?
So far I’ve been surviving nursing school. Not much left of this summer semester to go and I am at a good point. I’m in a small studio apartment with my dog and we go on walks frequently and have made some good friends around here especially a wonderfully welcoming neighbor family who invites us over often and watched my doggy when I go to work in evening time so she isnt alone. My dog wants to be adopted by these people haha. She gets fed whatever ahe wants under the moon and cuddles with her new grandma and watches movies on the couch with her. I have been working as a CNA at a hospital here once a week which is not much and its an adjustment to be back on the floor. I want to go back to ER!! But their ER people look so bulk…I look like a twig next to them. A short twig. 

Anyway school has been tough but I have been doing really good on exams this past week. First round of tests were easy peasy and then 2nd round about killed us and now I am catching on to how to take the questions! They say we have to learn to think like a nurse. Maybe I am getting it? This past week was a bit of a break without much homework but iy begins again soon. 
Anyway the must frustrating thing right now that ticked me off so much is this group project. I can not stand group projects. “You have to work with people blah blah” yeah we do but not usually like this on real life. In real life you do help each other out (hopefully) because you can’t do it all on your own but group projects are bull shit. We have a big research project about patient safety and are told our topic. Its three of us and we have to make a poster board that gets printed out by the school. One girl and inhave been doing research and adding things here and there to our google doc but the other girl has done diddly squat. The girl who has been work was really irritating me before because she would act like we were suppose to meet up and of course girl who does nothing runs out right after class and girl who does stuff wants just the two of us to work on it? No way. All three or nothing. Why should we have to meet up and do everything. Plus she expected me to wait till after she got done meeting up with someone else after class. I am not waiting around 40 minutes for you. Plan it out better. The girl who does nothing decides today to be like hey what do we need to do because it is being turned in next week to be reviewed and I tell her whats left and she acts like she cant do anything on her own and like she doesn’t even know what the project is. My day was going fine but she had to irritate me and act like we wete ganging up on here by telling her we had done everything else and she decided to wait till now to speak up and wants to meet at 715 tomorrow. Yeah not happening. I was aboit to email the professor about it all and show her proof of the girl not doing anything but now she decided to do something on the project. 
The main thing that pisses me off is that some girls and I went to get pedicures after we gave a bunch of foot care/pedicures to homeless/less fortunate people at a facility for our community project. We decided we would treat ourselves and when we were getting done we saw girl who did nothing getting a pedicure. And my friend said on facebook she posted pics pf her at the beach last week. She is trying to say she had a lot of personal family things going on. Guess what I have too. I thought my grandma was dying and drove 6 hours to see her and missed 2 classes and still made up all my shit and never used it as an excuse. We are in nursing school now. I don’t want to here your excuses. She had not responded to us since the 30th of june and had done nothing for our project till tonight. 

Group projects teach you not to trust anyone else but yourself. That is what I have learned. If I ever teach I plan to have group activities in class but never any group projects. 
Anyway that is it for now. I have a lot to write about but should go to bed.
Keep smiling,



2 responses to “Frustrated

  1. Sandra says:

    Hey there, glad you’re doing well in your exams. Sounds like you’re going to be a fantastic caring nurse, so just concentrate on that and don’t sweat the other stuff. I’ve spent many long hours getting worked up over other folks behaviour, but you can’t change it. Don’t waste your time and energy on things you can’t change. Sounds like everything else is going GREAT! You should be proud of yourself, life isn’t easy, but you seem to overcome what ever obstacles are thrown at you. You’re doing a fine job with your life. Keep it up! I’m leaving for vacation this afternoon, ready for it. You take care of yourself and your four legged friend. I think you’re going to have a great life.

    • TearLily says:

      Thank you Sandra! You make a good point! I just havent gotten to the point of letting things go easily. People irritate me so easily!

      I appreciate your kind words! This program is changing me and I have to remember these small things wont matter in the end. Thank you!

      Im happy you are going on vacation! Enjoy! Are you heading to the beach or mountains? Any exciting things planned?

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