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Screeching Halt

Well it has been a rough week and a half. When I imagined myself moving, I imagined myself having a great time moving out with my dog. Having some quiet and not having to deal with a lot of things that were going on before.

I moved six hours away to go to school. At first everything was fine moving but then I got into a car accident a week ago. I tried to stop but there was a lot of traffic so I was too close to the car in front of me and I rear-ended the person in front of me. My little Honda got smooshed in the front and the air bag went off. It was horrifying. I had my dog with me and we were trying to go to the dog park I looked up online.

The lady’s car was just dented and she was fine. She was actually quite nice to me and told me it was fine and she had done it before too. I called 911 and we moved our cars over. I called AAA to tow my car, which by the way is great to have because they will tow up to 100 miles for free for me. The police officer was nice as well. I got a ticket for following too closely and the lady took me and my dog home.

Everyone was okay but it was still a horrible time and many tears were shed and are still shed. I felt so alone. I am here alone. My dad was angry because I was six hours away. He is pissed that I moved so far away and wanted me to go to school nearby. I thought moving away on my own would be a good thing for me. It made me want to pack everything back up and move back home, meaning I would quit nursing school here before I even started. Of course I don’t have that option. I have to get through this program even if that means being miserable and alone for the next 15 months. I have already put everything into this. I have done everything to get into the program and have now moved myself and my dog here. There’s no turning back now.

It was strange getting a ride from the lady and was wondering if it was a bad idea the whole time but she had offered and I didn’t have anyone. She was willing to let my dog go home too so it was kind of her but…It was strange. On the way to my apartment she kept making phone calls to people to ask for money. Basically everyone turned her down. She explained to me that she had just started a new job as a bartender and had to pay $40 to get her uniforms and supplies to work but she wouldnt be getting paid from her last job till that Friday. She said she was supposed to meet a friend up to borrow the money from them but because of the accident she took too long and they had to go. It all sounds kind of fishy though. I kept apologizing to her and she said it couldnt be helped and not to worry. She did ask me if I had any money to borrow and she would pay me back Friday. I gave her a 10 dollar bill I had in my wallet and told her for taking us home she could have it and I appreciated her taking me but I don’t have much. She said she would pay me back but I told her it was for the ride. I know my insurance company will pay for all the damages on her car to be fixed and it was just a dent so nothing should be bad on the car.

My poor insurance company…I am keeping that Asian woman driver stereotype alive with my crappy driving ability…

It was a couple days of depression with the crying and feeling bad about everything and for myself and my dog. I felt horrible for dragging my dog along with me into this mess although I know I have always taken care of her. I appreciate her being here with me so much.

My family friend who was my CNA instructor was on the phone with me a lot during this time and she tried to make light of everything. She almost came up here to drive me around and make sure I was okay. I love her like a mother. She is truly kind hearted and loving. I don’t know what I would do without her in my life.

My dad told me to call my insurance company because they are a bank and everything for military. He wanted me to see about a loan for a car and was okay with being on a loan with me. My credit score is higher I than his but I am currently unemployed because I left my job when I moved.  I got a loan for $8750 and looked at cars through the company’s site and they used truecar for their cars. I had a few choices I wanted to see and I had asked the car place I would take my car to before what they recommended and they told me a bunch of the cars I had mentioned were not good choices because they had to replace a lot on them or how expensive it was to fix. They recommended the hyundai elantra I saw. I was going to go see it but then I had called USAA back about the truecar certificate prices and if it was possible to haggle with the dealership about the prices. He said I could haggle with them and helped me look for a good car choice. He found a 2013 Hyundai Accent that had a clean carfax and only 46k mileage. It seemed like a great car choice. It was a hatchback too. I went to see that car first and did end up getting it but I will tell you guys that I am apparently a very tough buyer.

When I got to the place, I had to use uber for the first time, and they handed me off to the new guy because when they looked at me, they thought “easy sell”. haha jokes on them because I was pain in the butt. I looked at the car and saw a lot of issues. I told them the tires needed to be changed for sure, oil changed, needs gas, and there were a lot of dents and scrapes on the car. I said either they would have to lower the cost because of the bodywork or fix it. They kept going back and forth and then I called my dad and he went back and forth with them.  Finally we came up with a good deal. They lowered the cost so that with all the dealership costs and taxes that it was reasonable. They changed the oil, put gas, and changed three of the tires. It took  at least four hours of being there before I could drive off with my new car. They said to bring the car back and drop it off for two days for the bodywork. I dropped it off this morning and am suppose to get it back Friday morning. I told them that there is this annoying sound in the back while I drive. Hopefully they can fix it.

Besides that, things are getting better. I still feel pretty lonely. It helps having my dog with me and we go on walks often. I feel a little bit depressed still but I hope that when school starts next week that it will get better. I hope I meet a lot of new people and make good friends. I have no one here and it would be nicer to have people to go out to the beach, to study with, and to know I am not alone. I know that my goal is to finish the program and become a nurse but I hope that the next 15 months will not be as miserable as the first week and a half.


Any tips?

Keep smiling,



Just me and my dog

Well folks, it’s just me and my dog now. My dad helped me move 6 hours away from where I have lived since I was in the second grade. He dragged a large trailer with his SUV and I drove my tiny little car with my doggy all the way here, last weekend. We were able to move all my stuff into the tiny studio apartment with such a small amount of time. I have a Murphy bed that goes up and down for my mattress. I believe it is less than 300 square feet in here. One itty bitty bathroom and one itty bitty kitchen. I do have a tiny stove and fridge that is my height (so pretty dang short). I have never been on my own before and am having to deal with a lot of new things these last couple weeks.

My dog had a rough time when I was packing everything and starting to move things onto the trailer. She did not know what was going on and was afraid I was leaving her. I wish that dogs were able to understand everything we say because I tried to assure her that she was coming with me. When we drove here, she did really good. We have never taken that long of a trip in the car before so every time we would get out to stretch our legs, she would be excited and think we got there. When we did get to the apartment she was freaking out because she didn’t understand what was going on. She seems to have settled in better now. She is used to being able to go outside without a leash on, while in our yard, but now she has to be on a leash all the time, even just for the small front area. The studio apartment is also very tiny and I feel bad that she doesn’t have as much space to roam as before but I have been taking her on a lot of walks. I need to look up dog parks around here but she doesn’t get along with other dogs well. We have visited two out of the four pet stores here (three are within 10 minutes from me). We went to pet supermarket this weekend and she got her nails trimmed and because I gave them a tip they went ahead and cut her long paw hair (She hates it when I cut her paw hair or trim her nails but her paw hair gets so long and she slips around). She got a mini medi pedi for a decent price. Next on the to do list for her is a bath. She is not a fan but she doesnt fight the bath much just looks sad and will try to get out of the tub and hide.

Other than that, I finally got my wifi up and running yesterday. It took forever (or at least thats how it felt), because the company was having an outage because of a storm. I am close to the beach now so perhaps that is why the storms here are worse. I did lose electricity briefly a couple times but it would come back on quickly.

The apartment is coming together. I have to handwash everything (which is nothing new because I did that at home) and I have so much to wash! Note to self: next place needs a dishwasher. There is barely any cabinet space! I used a bunch of heavy duty command hooks to hang all my pots and pans and put the lids in a drawer! Thank goodness for those hooks or else I would have no where to store them. I had to get a stepstool to reach everything! I can’t reach the top shelves and can just barely reach the second shelves. I finally have most of my things unpacked. You wouldn’t think I would have so much stuff but unfortunately I do. I had so much storage back at home that it’s just crazy small to me. All those shows with the tiny houses made me think that would be perfect but now I am thinking anything smaller than this apartment is too small. My sister is getting me a futon couch. Its a small one which I think will fit really well. It will be nice to have more seating because right now its either my bed or my desk chair.

Oh did I forget to mention that my dog’s kennel is the size of a mansion?? She has her own doggy condo. I never noticed how large it was until I had to move it. I washed it really good before I took it and took it apart. I don’t know how I managed to put it in my trunk! She loves it so much. I can’t imagine taking it away from her. I was thinking about downgrading it but she is used to it and with the big move and change I think she should keep it, even though its the size of half my apartment haha.

I went to talk to the nursing advisor this morning about classes. She gave me the pin code to register but I have to wait until she overrides all 52 of our classes and then emails us telling us what to register class wise. Its stressful because for a long time it said I was still pre-nursing and I was like but I thought I was in the program. She said the nursing program is always behind because they are always figuring out who is teaching classes and so forth. The program is supposed to be really good so I hope it will all work out. I just stress about everything but especially since I moved 6 hours away into an apartment with a 12 month lease so I’m stuck here for at least that amount of time, if anything were to happen. I can’t register for classes yet but until I register for classes I can’t get a student ID or use financial aid to get the things I need to from the book store done. Do you see why I am stressing? Orientation starts the 15th.

I hope I meet a lot of good friends in nursing school. Its so weird to be away from everyone. I have been talking on the phone a lot and texting my family and friends but theres just something about being so far away and knowing you cant see them for at least another 3 months. I want to have friends here too. I will be getting a job sometime this summer and that will help me meet more people too. A lot of people seem nice here but then there are still a lot of people who completely ignore your hellos and waves.

Also I wasn’t super worried about moving here before, security wise but I got creeped out yesterday and took it more serious. I have been locking my door and put a small beware of dog sign on the window (taped so it doesnt cause a problem). The other night someone parked a car in front of my apartment that was super banged up, like it was hit from the side pretty bad. They have a bag and some tape around one window. I saw a girl working on the battery yesterday during the day. I said hello but she ignored me. I was going to ask her if she needed anything. I know some basic stuff about cars but since she ignored me, I thought forget it. Later on when I took my dog out for a walk there was a guy out there and he saw my dog and she was tugging at the leash (she has been doing this ever since we moved here because she is so excited) and he commented on how powerful she was. Later there were a bunch of people working on the car. My dog and I were in the apartment and someone tried opening my door. My dog growled and I was like what the hell?? I looked out the peephole and saw someone heading behind my apartment where a lot of other apartments are. I think it was just an accident since they all look the same and the car was right in front of mine but it creeped me out that someone tried to open my door. I went to lowes today and they helped me get some extra locks (you just screw them on top of the window (if it lifts up or on the side it slides to if it slides to the side) on the track where the window goes up. It makes me pretty impossible to slide up, plus the locks seemed decent to begin with. I also got something to prop underneath the door knob (basically a white colored stick that can move to different lengths) so that no one can open the door, even if they were able to pick the lock. The only way someone could break in would be if I was not home and had the door propped or breaking the window which would be a bit obvious during the day. My dad had gotten me a “chick kit” which is a bunch of protective things aimed towards girls. One of the things was a door prop that alarms if it opens and makes a loud sound. I got a battery for it today. It does seem to slow someone down but I think it would still be possible to open the door. I also have pepper spray on my dog leash and on my keys. My dog does growl and bark if she hears someone near my door so I am thankful for that. I may be really paranoid but I know there are some bad parts around here and the crime rate is much higher than where I came from (Not that it was a white picket fence, super safe place but safer).

Well I think thats it for now. I might be making some posts on tips for moving into an apartment and things not to do after I learn some more. Any tips for me?

Keep smiling,


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