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It’s Stressful to adult

on March 2, 2017

I am finally having to adult and it is very stressful. I’m moving in May which means I’m leaving the area, which I have lived in since the second grade. I have had to move a lot in the beginning of my life but not as much after elementary school. This will be My first time on my own. It is time for me to get out and I’m sure it will be nice but the first jump is always still scary. 

I’m going into nursing school and it’s what I’ve been planning for a while and one part of me is like yay but the other part is so stressed from everything that must be done before I can start. A small part of me is thinking (quietly) that this may be too much and that other degrees are much easier to obtain and can still allow me to make a living without this much stress…One of my friends, who is a nurse, told me tonight (after I told her all the shit I have to get done) that she never had to do all that. Ohy vey. It has become so much more complicated. 
I called 9 different listings for apartments and got some information on some and left messages for the rest. We will look at them in March and I’m really hoping it works out well. My main goal is to be close to the school (all 9 listings were within 10 minutes of the school), for everything to budget well so I don’t stress, and most of all to allow my dog to come with me. I’m worried she will end up weighing more than the limit. I take her to the vet Monday. One place was very specific and said that the rabie vaccine paper has to have the weight of the dog on it and it can’t be more than 35 lbs. I’m thinking that my dog is around 35 to 40ish pounds… She is a medium Australian shepherd…she’s friendly if that counts for anything. One lady thought I said German shepherd and I was like no no an autralian shepherd. Looks more like a border collie. I didn’t realize German shepherds were restricted from a lot of places. 
I’m mainly stressed about money right now. I am starting to try to sell stuff on eBay and trade in things on Amazon. I have to pay 173 for the website for my background check and so forth, 30 for my orientation to the school, 10 for my school id, who knows what for the uniforms, and it just keeps adding up. I have to get a physical from my doctor, vaccines someplace else, and checked for tuberculosis again but this time I have to get a 2 step one done and have to go someplace a minimum of 3 times to get it done and checked. Ridiculous…also my laptop which is coming to about 3 years is giving me a lot of issues and I need a reliable one for the next 2 years. 
Need to take my lavander smells out and drink some tea and jam to some music. 
Keep smiling and hope everyone is doing well



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