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on November 17, 2015

For the last couple months I have been noticing a feeling of low blood sugar more often. I become jittery and feel like I just need to stuff my face with food and something sugary. Its a weird feeling because there are times I just hadn’t had anything to eat in a while and feel hungry. And then there are times where I have had food a little bit ago and feel full in my stomach but then the rest of my body is yelling at me to go eat something. I discussed this situation with one of the nurses at work because she was telling me about her sugar problems. She told me to get a blood sugar machine to see what my sugar level was. I bought a machine for 5 dollars on Amazon (Oh amazon prime, how I love thee). I also got some gauze and  alcohol wipes like we use at the hospital when checking blood sugar. The lancet was scary as heck to use (I had know idea people used these scary contraptions at home!). I ended up buying some similar to what we use at work. They are single stick lancets where the needle goes back inside after using it so its not dangerous anymore. The lancet that came with the machine was scary because you had to put the needle thing inside this white lancet holder and take it out. I stabbed myself with it because it was hard to open up again.

Any who, I checked my blood sugar when I was feeling jittery and saw it was at 69. I checked it throughout the week or so after that and saw it ranged from low 70’s to 80’s. I asked the nurses at work and they said that the 70’s was a bit low. I start to feel jittery and like I have to eat when it gets in the low 70’s. I went to the doctor finally and he said that it could be hypoglycemia, a thyroid issue, or pre-diabetes. I don’t think it is diabetes because it has not been high although he did say my pancreas may be starting to act up. It seems more like hypoglycemia or a thyroid issue. He sent me to get a 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I went to Quest Diagnostics and got it done. The earliest time was 10:30am though. I got two tubes of blood drawn after fasting and then had to drink this nasty overly sweet drink that is lemon-lime flavor within 5 minutes. It had 75 mg of sugar. After an hour I got my blood drawn again. After one more hour I got my blood drawn one last time.

Besides my stomach feeling gross from the drink I felt okay during the test so I was wondering if I was just over worrying and that my results were normal. After I left the place, I felt jittery and sick. I ate and felt much better.

The doctors office called my dad for some reason and he told me they told him (I hate getting 2nd hand messages) that my results were abnormal and something about aa and rheumatoid arthritis? What?

Anyway, my dad made an appointment for me for the 30th because the doctor is on vacation right now which I knew before I got the test done but was hoping the results were normal and that I could wait till he got back to find out. He told me before that he would send me to an endocrinologist if the results were abnormal. They are so I am assuming I will be going soon. I just hope my normal doctor can tell me something before I go tot he specialist. The worrying is bothersome especially since in a few weeks is my finals so I need to be able to concentrate on studying.

It is what it is. I will probably have to change how I eat, changing the big meals to smaller more frequent meals. Also I will probably need to exercise more frequently. If it is hypoglycemia, there isn’t much they can do for me.






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