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I don’t get it (rant, just skip this if you dont want to frown)

on April 8, 2015

I get so upset at my boyfriend because he has really shitty parents (excuse my language) and gets used constantly by them. I’m not upset at him because of his parents but because of how he lets himself get used. He tried to explain to me that they have lived in a nice house before and how his parents both used to work but then his mother had stopped working while he was in elementary and his dad had gotten laid off for like two years (before we started dating, now we’ve been together for 2 and half years). His parents literally did nothing about trying to get a job. No wait I stand corrected, the dad would do side jobs and ask his mother and daughter for money. They smoke cigarettes all the time and pot on the side of that. They collected food stamps for as long as they could and unemployment. When we started dating they lived in a small house in a shady part of town where I kid you not someone gets busted for drugs all the time. (Seen the cops there when I had picked him up once, and he wondered why I never wanted to go hang out at his house.) His parents share one car together that breaks down all the time, has no air conditioning, the speedometer doesn’t work anymore, and at one point the gas meter thing didn’t either.

Fast forward through time, his parents and him had gotten kicked out of the house because they hadn’t paid rent for months and months. He even told me that he was surprised they didn’t get kicked out way sooner but the owner was really nice. They went and lived with his grandma at a decent trailer park community for 55 and older. They both finally started getting a job. The father got a part time job as a janitor at a Jewish temple thats really far from here and the mother started working at a car wash. They moved over to literally the most run down trailer park down the street from his grandma’s.

They still smoke cigarettes and pot. Have a bunch of outside cats that have fleas. I don’t mind people have outside animals if you care for them properly. I personally would never have a cat or dog outside all the time. The trailer has bugs (which they have tried getting rid of). My boyfriend has told me about times where he tried to wash his clothes and some rust had gotten off the pipes and onto his white shirts, Staining them orange.

My boyfriend had started working a year ago at publix which is a great company but they work him long hours even on school nights and then he typically misses a lot of school now due to oversleeping in the mornings. His parents wanted a puppy so they kept telling him about a litter of pitbulls down the street and I told him not to get one because one, they have no room for a dog. Two, he didnt have the money for vet bills, food, shots, getting the dog fixed, and so on. Dogs are expensive. They arent small and cute forever! You have to care for them and that takes a lot of time that he doesnt have from school and work. He got a female puppy who of course grew even bigger then my dog. She eats a lot and is mainly kept in a kennel while he is gone and when she is out she has no yard to run in, and not much house to roam around. She has her shots and such but is not fixed yet so goes in heat. I feel so bad for this dog. i still get mad him over this. Don’t get an animal unless you can care for one! We got in arguments over this and he thought I was going to break up with him over it and I almost did because that is a cruel decision he never should have made. Yes he does what he can for her but its not right to have a dog kept in a kennel most of the time and then no yard to run around.

He got pressured into buying a car form his dad’s friend which is now mainly used by his dad. He knew from the start the car was going to his dad. His dad is a piece of shit. That is truly how I feel. To use everyone around you, you have to be a crappy person. I hate him the most out of his family. He has always asked to borrow money from my boyfriend. “Oh I will pay you back” What a load of BullShit.

The mother works long hours at the car wash and has lost a lot of weight. I kind of feel bad for her but then my boyfriend tells me how she yells and nags at him. No she doesn’t get to act like a grouchy mother when she doesn’t act like one. She gets mad at him for taking the car keys when neither of them are working. Where do they need to go?

I truly hate them. I don’t hate many people. There are a lot of people I dislike or find annoying but for me to truly hate you means that you really wronged either me and or someone I care about.

He is about to graduate soon from highschool. I am a grade above him. He hasnt taken his ACT or SAT even though he gets two tests free. He hasn’t filled out FAFSA to see about help with college tuition and books. He has no money saved because he decided to get insurance for his car that he barely uses. I am pissed off because I have told him to take the tests, fill out the form and even had him start it at my house, and not pay for insurance on a car he isnt using. I told him that I wasn’t going to put up with this BS at the end of this summer if he is still living there and letting them use him. I will be completely and utterly done with him and his shitty parents. I love him but will not be with someone who lets himself be trampled over forever. I am absolutely tired of trying to get him to take the steps he needed to do to go to college or at least have an option to go! He has no idea what he wants to do and I honestly can’t imagine not knowing! I have known since middle school i would go into the medical field.

He is a wonderful guy but his parents use him for every cent he has. Its surprising he is as good of a person as he is because they really havent done any parenting from what he told me.


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