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Night Shift Prepping

on April 3, 2015

I am attempting to prep myself for night shifts. Starting tonight I will be starting my 12 hour night shifts. Of course the first six, I will be shadowing and then working with somebody but I am getting nervous about it. I am not a morning person although I will get up for work or school but its not my favorite time of the day. I love afternoons and tend to stay up a little bit at night but not all night. I will have to transition to staying awake most nights and sleep during the day. Its almost 5am. I have done a good bit of homework, currently doing laundry, had midnight snack with boyfriend at a conveniently 24/7 steak n shake, and now just waiting out my last two or three hours of being awake.

I drank some coffee earlier and have lots of lights on. As time goes on, I think I will end up really enjoying being up at night since no one else really is so no distractions means more chores and homework will be done hopefully. Right now, I am not a huge fan of staying awake on fumes to get transitioned before my first shift. Its kind of a bummer that I have all three shifts this weekend because its Easter weekend and a lot of family will be here on Sunday. I am hoping that I can wake up earlier enough Sunday afternoon to go before work but unfortunately with the drive it won’t be until around 9am in the morning before I get to bed because of the drive, shower, and eating. I figure that if I get to bed by 9am that it won’t be until 5pm that I will start waking up because I tend to sleep at least 8 hours. We shall see.

I guess I am turning into one of my hamsters now. We will be on the same sleeping schedule now haha. I would transition back to a normal sleep schedule during the part of the week I don’t work but apparently its really bad on your body. Especially for your metabolism. I am looking forward to working with a good team. Everyone seemed to get along really well. I read online, when looking up tips for the night shift, that the crews at night are typically closer because there are less people around so everyone has to work hard together.

Hope everyone is sleeping soundly,


P.S. Has anyone ever worked a night shift? Any tips?

P.S.S. I would like to include I have only ever worked one night shift. It was for black Friday at a shoe/clothes store in the outlet malls. It was a one time hire/help thing. It wasn’t so bad actually.


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