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on January 14, 2015

Thank goodness school is back in my life! Less working in the assisted living place and more contact with people my age! It is crazy going to work and being around people who are about four times my age. The oldest lady in the place is 103! One lady turned 98 recently. Its so crazy but it is also so sad because I work in memory care only. These people had incredible lives but can’t remember a lot of it.

I’m so happy to be in class again but here comes homework and studying. This semester will be more than last semester, although this semester has a lot of online work. I really don’t like doing work online especially math. You have to plug the answers in a specific way or you are wrong completely. I prefer doing it all on paper but they have changed everything to computers and now all our quizzes, homework, and exams are online. They also switched a lot of lecture time to working in the math computer lab! So obnoxious. I want traditional classes where you show up, a teacher teaches you, and then you take the test on paper. I love and hate technology. ugh.

I am also working on not stressing. Take each day as it comes. It sounded easier when I said it and thought it. On the Brightside that giant calendar is super organized!

After I settle into all this school and work stuff I need to focus on getting another job. I am so ready for the hospital. I want to get trained and start working where I want to be already! I am also hoping to see if I can get help with school through the hospitals. I need to redo my resume now that I do have more job experience and then start the long process of applying again.

Keep smiling and don’t stress!


Anything new with anyone? New job? School?


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