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Happy belated new years!

on January 5, 2015

Happy new years to everyone! It is a fresh year. This past year for my family has been rough. My dad’s girlfriend found out she had cancer and went through chemo throughout the summer and is now going through radiation. Her daughter has had it pretty rough due to finding out about her mom, she moved in with her and stayed up at nights watching over her and taking care of her. My dad was getting frustrated with his work place and is has not been happy working there. My grandma had a stroke and had to go through the hospital. I got bit by a dog and had to get rabies vaccinations. It has been a long year but we did have good moments as well. My dad’s girlfriend found out in the middle of chemo that she was completely free of cancer but they wanted to finish all the treatments to be for sure. Her hair has already started growing back really nicely! Her daughter found out right before the end of the year that she got a job at the hospital as a lab assistant.

I can’t wait to start school this Wednesday for the spring semester! I hear other people saying they are not ready but trust me I am! I worked a lot over the break and it is certainly not my dream job. I do not understand how these other people do it full time every week. A lot of them have two jobs. Its a lot of work working in memory care day after day. I can not wait to start this semester so I can go back to working only a couple to a few days a week! I am hoping to apply to a bunch of hospitals again now that I have three months of experience. I am desperate to work in the hospital and away from assisted living facilities. Also I can not wait for my next paycheck! I worked a lot of hours this past two weeks and I cannot wait to see that it was worth it!

This new year I cannot wait to move into a nice house with my dad, his girlfriend, her daughter, their dog and my dog. I will not be living there for too long but it will be nice while it lasts. Also I cannot wait till they get married although it will be a while before then. I hope to get a new job within the next couple months or so (hopefully before summer). I have already started to get organized by asking for a shoe holder for Christmas, buying a closet organizer, buying filing folders. I will become organized! I will not say its my new years resolution but more of a goal because every time I say resolution I never keep at it for some reason. I also have a giant calendar to keep up with my schedule!

This year will be interesting. I can’t help but keep thinking about how in August I will be turning twenty. Two decades old. I will no longer be a teenager. I still have acne, have a tendency to be awkward, and am disorganized. I still procrastinate. I hope the last eight months of being a teenager will push me to become more of an adult.

How was everyone’s past year and what do you expect from the next?


P.S. does anyone else’s family eat black eyed beans and greens on new years? Apparently the beans bring good luck and the greens bring money. A couple years back we ate grapes for good luck and ran around with luggage  for luck with traveling. These traditions were with different parts of the family. I guess we will see if any of it works.


2 responses to “Happy belated new years!

  1. Sandra says:

    I ate black eye peas and cabbage….lets hope it works. Happy New Year to you. I hope its a good one. I’m from England the New Years tradition is that the first person to enter the house after midnight, to let the New Year in must be a tall dark stranger. He must carry a lump of coal. When he enters one door to let the New Year in, someone must open another door to let the New Year out….you also have to give him a glass of whiskey to toast good health…..

    • TearLily says:

      Whoa! That is one I have never heard of! Do you that every new years? I never knew people did a new years tradition every year until my dad started dating his girlfriend. haha

      Happy New years to you too! Thank you for always taking time to give me advice and just chatting with me! You are a very uplifting person and kind. I wish the best for you! Hopefully we will get good luck and money this year!

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