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PPD test

on October 19, 2014

I don’t know if any of you guys have ever gotten a PPD test done before but they are weird! For my new job I had to get one. I got one last year while taking my CNA class in high school. They did it in school actually for the whole class. This time it was for work so you get a slip and take it to the health place and wait like an hour for the nurse to inject you with something under your skin. It causes a bump but then later goes away. You are not suppose to rub or scratch it.

The PPD test is to check if you are infected with Tuberculosis. Its easily transmitted through breathing really close because its in the lungs. Basically the test is to see if you have those TB cells in you and if you do the stuff they injected under your skin will make you get a reaction. Typically its a bump with redness. If you are allergic then obviously there will be more problems. For me it got a little red with a slight bump and then almost completely went away before they checked it. They do a reading on it 48-72 hours later. I was so worried it was going to stay red but it went away! apparently the redness does not matter. Its the bump part. I was negative again! Yay!

If someone is positive then they have to get a chest x-ray checked by a doctor and then start medication.

It’s an interesting experience. I get to go through it every single year as a healthcare worker. joy.



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