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Gratitude Journal #6

on October 17, 2014

I should really try to keep up with these more because I can be such a negative person that remind myself about the positive is like meditation in a way to me!

Alright so, recently I got into groupon! They have an app for your phone or you can go online and get great deals on all sorts of things! I got myself a mini spa package. I got a facial, my hands moisturized and just an hour of relaxing. The lady was great! I never had a face massage before and that was nice. My skin felt refreshed, I felt like my hands were lotioned to the core with this wax stuff. The chair was warm and comfortable. I would recommend this. It took a lot of stress away. I appreciate these groupons because without it, I never would have gotten it for myself.

I appreciate having my dog, Lacy in my life. With her wet nose and cute little whiskers that remind me of an otter. She is by my side. I love going on car rides with her and we take walks together. I took her to the farmers market a couple weeks back. She is my best friend. She never even licks anybody. She is well behaved.

I appreciate my dad even though he is butt head. I love him. He worries about me at 8pm at night. I get a text saying “hey where are you at this time of night?” What an old man. Its nice to have someone care about you rather then no one ever ask if you are okay and where you are. He allows me to talk his ears off to a point because our schedules get so crazy that its nice to talk to him when I do get to see him.

I appreciate my new found family. My dad’s girlfriend had found out she had cancer at the beginning of the summer and has been going through chemo. She has no more cancer in her but they are just finishing the treatments for sure. I love her and my new sister, Melissa and all my crazy aunts that are now part of my family because of them.

I also would like to give a shout out to the sun for providing us sunlight and warmth which allows our bodies to make Vitamin D. I also appreciate being able to go to school! I know others can not but I appreciate being lucky enough to go and I plan to make good use with my degree.

Keep smiling,

What do you appreciate today? Is it something simple like chocolate chip cookies or is there something else that has made you feel humble and happy lately?


2 responses to “Gratitude Journal #6

  1. Sandra says:

    Lovely blog. I appreciate the fact I can still laugh and enjoy life at the ripe old age of 57. Spent a lovely couple of days in Chicago just walking and people watching. Went to the David Bowie Exhibit and appreciated tha fact I still enjoy his music. (Saw him in 1973, oh so long ago). Appreciate my health, my husband and my beautiful daughter.

    • TearLily says:

      Sounds like it was a wonderful trip! I will have to go one day! I have barely any experience in a big city so it would be a great experience. I love exhibits and museums. I learn so much and its always just nice to see how they set up all their collectibles and pieces.

      Family and health are such important aspects of our lives!

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