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Almost Halloween already!

on October 15, 2014

What a crazy ride it has been! I don’t think I have posted since July? It says on my notifications that I have more followers? Are you guys out there actually reading my posts haha. I am always shocked because I post so little although I keep wanting to post more, more often but life gets so busy. I’m thinking about posting vlogs? I’ve never done one before and I don’t even know if I am interesting enough to talk about on a video but it may be less time consuming then writing because my posts can get so long.

Well a little catch up since July…

I survived my stitches and shots although I am now scarred all over my left hand. Not that bad but sometimes I stop and just go, “Man, why did I have to go get bit?” I realized that since I let my grandmother cut the stitches off that its probably why one of my scars is so bad, because she did it too soon. She used to be a registered nurse but its been so long. I should have went to the doctor or waited longer on the stitches. Oh well.

I started my first semester of college but it has not been this huge life changing event because I still live at home and the school is literally 15 minutes away from the house. Its a lot cheaper then a university so I will end up doing two years here and then transferring over to a university to go into a nursing program. Right now I am taking four classes. One online and the other three in the classroom. Humanities is online, I actually just finished a narrated powerpoint presentation on Isaac newton. Very interesting man. I am taking Intermediate Algebra ughhh. Its so boring because I took Trigonometry in my last high school year so I am ahead of all this and should be taking college algebra but my counselors did not do anything to change it when I asked. Its easy so my GPA will be good at least. Then I will take the actual credit counting class next semester. I felt like a nerd in this math class because I got a 98 on my test and the teacher was saying, the highest grade was 98 and I kind of slumped down in my chair. I’m already Asian so everyone already says oh its because you’re Asian. When in reality its because I took this already in my Freshman year of high school. I do have to admit that the teacher is good at explaining and should be a high school teacher. Lots of kids would have benefitted from him. My other classes are Nutrition and Sociology, which are my longest classes. Although neither have kept us for the full 3 hours. I like both teachers a lot. My Nutrition teacher is good but he has not given us many grades. Our first test is next week which is already halfway through the year to just get a big grade. It will be 25 questions so no biggy. My sociology teacher is awesome. She is from Virginia and comes to class in a tank top and jeans. She is not judgmental and is just an incredible lady! She used to be a parole officer and now she helps with the hotline for abused women. She is extremely smart and tough.

My classes I take are evening classes from Tuesday to Thursday. Then the online class but its basic.

I also gave my two weeks notice about four weeks or something to my serving job because they were being so horrible to all of us. I did not want to be mean about it because I get that the bosses just had a baby and have a small business but they never gave us schedules until the day before, they nagged me about washing my hands too much (what the heck right? Would you be comfortable knowing that the restaurant owners told their employees to not wash their hands as often?), they were super cheap about a lot of things like paper towels and the list went on. The lady was out most of the summer but then came back a couple days a week and would bring the baby into the kitchen while in her stroller because they did not want to get a baby sitter. She told me to stop saying “Hey, guys,” when people walked into the restaurant and nagged me about it all day and then told me later that if I didn’t stop saying it she wanted to strangle me. She laughed as she said this. I just was not making enough money to be treated like crap. I was going to give them longer then two weeks of help if they needed but then they did not give me any days during the weekdays so I could earn tips so I was like okay, bye as soon as my two weeks was done. I already had a job lined up as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). I had gone out after I gave my two weeks and applied to every assisted living facility and long term facility with a nice done resume and got an interview the next day and was waiting to end my job at the other place to start training in my new job. And of course I got two texts within this time asking to come back for a couple of hours for cash work. It is not worth 20 dollars or whatever for me.

I am working in the memory care unit right now. There are only 13 residents and I have gotten a lot of patience because everyone has Alzheimer’s so a lot of things happen repetitively like questions, stories, and so forth. Its hard work for 9 dollars an hour but I got a lot of hours so far. I am worried that I am going to be over worked. I may ask them to give me less hours during my school semesters since I still need to study. They are giving me about three to 4 days a week right now so some weeks all I do is go to work four days straight and then go to school three days straight afterwards. I still have half the day to myself but I think a day free a week would be nice. Maybe next semester I will tell them because this semester is easy. Plus I don’t like being away form the residents for too long because I worry about how some of the other employees treat them. Not necessarily do something to them but what they do not do like check if they need to be changed more often and so forth.

That’s just a summary of my school and work life these past couple months. Hope everyone is doing well!


Feel free to comment about what is going on in your life right now! I’d love to hear!

I also have lots more to talk about so I will try to post more soon!


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