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Half way there!

on July 11, 2014

Got the first set of shots for my rabies vaccinations! I survived! They really need to get stickers made up for anyone who gets rabie vaccinations. They are awful but I suppose dying from rabies is worse. Its a horrible way to die so the pain and misery for two week is worth it I suppose. Still not fun though!

The first day! How does that sang go? “The first is the worst…” It truly is. The first preventive shot is based off of weight. There is no exact shot amounts. It just depends on where the bite is apparently. Since mine is in the hand it hurt worse then usual. The nurses and the doctor were really nice. The nurses were super cool and I really appreciate their efforts to keep me from getting rabies! Its apparently pretty rare for people to get these shots nowadays. The First shot was on the top of my hand and the nurse said so that she doesn’t have to give me multiple shots she was going to fan the injection around the top of my hand, if that makes sense. I didn’t look but I must say that the actual prick of the needle didn’t hurt nearly as much as the stuff injected into my hand. That stuff burned. Then it was two more shots into my hand on the bottom under the main puncture wounds from the bite. After that it was one shot into each hip. After that it was my first vaccination into my right arm but that was a cake walk compared to the other things. So overall 6 shots that day. I was tired and sore that day and got a low grade fever later on. Those are all normal symptoms.

Third day shot. Today is the third day into the shots. I got one vaccination shot into my left arm this time. Not bad exept it made my arm really sore and I have been tired and got a low grade fever which are normal symptoms.

I have two more shots coming up. Those are just one shot in my arm and that’s not too bad. The cool thing is that the vaccination is a pretty purple color. Weird but cool.

Keep smiling and don’t ever get bitten (its not fun),


2 responses to “Half way there!

  1. Sandra says:

    I hate shots, but sometimes you need them. Glad you got cool nurses. That makes a big difference. Take care.

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