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Rabies shots

on July 7, 2014

So it turns out that I will be getting the Rabies shots. The first day is about three shots and I know for sure one will be injected underneath the bites and then one at the shoulder/arm and then at the hip. Then I will have to come back there the third day then something like the 11th day, all the way up to the 21st day. I will be starting them tomorrow around 1pm. I have to drive an hour and a half to get the first day’s then I can get them moved to a clinic closer to me. Not many clinics carry it because its not usually needed. I could go to the ER to get them started but seriously? That’s a lot of money just for some shots that honestly may not even be needed!

I spent most of my Thursday calling people about the dog’s paperwork. I started with the owner of the dog who said she sent the Vet’s info to the Police and Animal control. Well I talked to my grandmother on how to go about proof. She told me to call Animal control and check. I did, waited a while on hold and found out, nope! No paperwork from any such “vet”. Called owner back. She said she sent it. Asked for the Vet’s number. Called that number and got the most unprofessional response from some supposed rescue center for small dogs under 20 lbs. The dog that I got bit by was a pitbull mix and the lady said there wasn’t ever any pitbulls in her facility. Called the owner back to have not much of an explanation. My grandmother was so upset and so she called animal control, the police station, and the health department for me. I got a call form the health department from a man and he said he could get the appointments for me if I decide to go through with the shots. The owner was suppose to get the paperwork together for me. The owners are pretty much responsible for the dog being hit and biting me although I went up to the dog. I feel responsible for it too but we do have a leash law here that says you must have your dog on a leach or behind a gated area. the dog ran into the road because there was not a leash on her. I’m more upset with the fact that the owners were not more responsible for their dog! They moved there 10 days before this happened. The dog was not used to the area and should have been on a leash. Their house is directly in front of a busy road. It was around 5pm where lots of traffic was going on! What were they thinking? I’m still so upset about that poor dog being hit. It was such a big construction like truck that hit it. The owner didn’t even go to her dog. If it was my dog or even if it wasn’t I would have ran over to help the dog and get him or her to an emergency animal hospital. We have a bunch around here.

I’m sure you can tell I am a huge animal lover. My dogs are spoiled. They’re like my children to me.

The shots seem to be covered by my insurance which apparently can cost up to $1200 altogether. The only thing will be the visit costs. I think the owners should pay that. We didn’t ask anything for the stitches. If they had not buried the dog, the dog would have been tested for rabies. I think I will leave this to my dad to handle calling them. I am tired of all the calls. I shouldn’t have to be calling everyone in the universe for some paperwork that doesn’t even seem to exist. Also I am a bit upset that animal control nor the police called me up again after the first initial call. They said they would have the medic team call me if paperwork didn’t show up to sign me up for appointments. Then again, they had to hear my grandmother tell them a piece of her mind so I suppose we are all even. haha.


P.S. Don’t try to help a dog that is hurt. Call the police or find the owners. Lesson learned.


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