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New Member to the Stitches Club

on June 27, 2014

These past couple weeks have been pretty crazy. For the most part, negative and upsetting. I graduated from High school. Yay! Now I won’t have to see most of those people ever again. Well actually I will end up seeing them around town and such but not as bad as before. I feel disappointed that my Senior year was not as exciting and great as I had hoped it would be. My dad threw me a graduation party and I had tons of family down. Lets just say that there was tons of drama and I just wished we never even had it. I have a complicated family. I have my biological parents who had divorced when I was little and my biological father took my brother and got remarried and my biological mother took me and got remarried. Both have half siblings of mine. I came to live with my considered adoptive family in Florida. Its complicated and confusing and I believe if you want to know more I have it all on my about me page. Well I have my adopted Dad here who is my legal guardian although I am now 18 so am thinking about getting an adult adoption. He is in the process of getting divorce with the worst person in the world who still tries to screw with our lives, S. She showed up to cause tons of drama and also she told us that our dog passed away and apparently already had our dog Bama cremated. Bama was apparently sick before she died so S had kept from us that our dog was sick and we could’ve visited her and then she got the dog cremated and acted like Bama died the day of my graduation. She is a sick and manipulative person. My dad and I hadn’t even got to see our dog for over a year, actually closer to two years for me. We did adopt a dog a year ago from the pound who I love with all my heart but adopting another dog doesn’t fill the hole in my heart from Bama. She was a crazy and beautiful weimaraner. I like to think that if we were ever able to get Bama back while she was alive that our dog Lacey would have enjoyed her company.

During my graduation party I did get a good sum of money which I put in my savings account and then ended up having to use for my car which before this decided to go crazy on me. My biological mother gave me a 2005 Honda Accord which is a pretty decent car. The carpet came with a lot of stains and it was a dirty car so we got it detailed from someone and its a nice car, especially for someone my age. She had a car accident in it so there are some scrapes and the front grill was gone so we bought a new one and I haven’t had a chance to try to get some of the scrapes out. She did not have a clicker/beeper for it anymore so I had to lock and unlock with the one door lock on it on the drivers side. The lock decided to not work anymore while I was out shopping with my boyfriend. He had to go through the trunk and open the door. The car’s alarms went off and turning on the car with the key did not turn the alarms off. The logic for this car is just ugh! We had to sit inside the car until the alarm stopped then drive home and then my dad had to unhook the stupid horn and mess with the fuses until the alarm mostly stopped. My door handle was really ghetto and in the end after the graduation “party” we took it to a mechanic and he checked the car out and found that the steering knuckle was really lose because it was installed incorrectly. They went on vacation because the mechanic and his wife run their own business in their backyard so I had to wait for over two weeks for my car because my dad didn’t trust anyone else. I was carless for two weeks. My dad shared his car part of the time and my grandmother took me to work. The thing ended up costing me 1300 dollars because the alarm system and the steering knuckle.

Besides that I have been having a lot of medical problems. I have had this strange choking problem for a while when I drink water. A couple weeks ago I freaking choked on an eggroll from our Chinese food while we were at my dad’s girlfriends house. Who does that?? It turns out that I aspirated some of the food in my bronchi and it got really irritated. I was coughing so bad, mostly at night. I would try to go to bed around 11pm and end up starting to cough around midnight and would cough for a good hour or two, sometimes more. It was miserable. I finally went to the doctor (New doctor! My last doctor, I did not care for. this guys seems to be great so far!). He listened to my lungs and bronchi and everything and found out I had bronchitis and gave me antibiotics and some medicine for acid reflux because he thinks I might have some acid reflux that happens at night and started to damage my esophagus which is why I have been choking on water really badly. He said if the antibiotics didn’t stop the coughing I would need to get a chest x-ray. Thankfully it has stopped. I have an appointment in a month to see if the medicine helped because if it doesn’t then I need to go to a specialist to have a video camera be put into my esophagus while I am sleeping. Joy! Its seems to helping though.

My Cousins came down to visit me for my Graduation present and it had been so long since I had seen them! I missed them! It was nice! They live in Tennessee because My cousin is a nuclear engineer. He works so much! They have super expensive taste because they took me shopping at the outlet malls here which is crawling with tourist so tons of sales but also really rude people who shop there. We were planning to go to Universal as well but of course this isn’t a great month for me!

We were driving to the outlet mall last Monday in the late afternoon time and a dog got hit by a car in front of us. My cousin pulled over and I was the first one out of the car. I went over and wasn’t thinking. The dog was in a lot of pain and it still makes me tear up thinking about it. That poor dog. I was going to try to move her out of the street and she bit my hand. It was a couple chomps and then she just kept it clamped down on my hand. I had to use my right hand to open the jaw to get my left hand out. She was a pitbull mix and had a pretty strong jaw. The bite gave me three bad punctures and a bunch of scraps and cuts. My cousins got me in the car and the cops came and asked if we wanted an ambulance and asked for a number. A really young girl had come out of the house and had her cell phone and she was just overwhelmed. She didn’t know what to do. I asked her if the dog had had shots and she said yes. The girl was super upset and said she had kids inside the house. She didn’t do anything for the dog though. Some random shirtless guys around the neighborhood came out and dragged the dog to the side and it was just messed up. We went to the urgent care and was given some paperwork and was immediately brought in to the back into a draped room. A nurse cleaned the wound which loosened my hand because it was super cramped at first. I started to feel the pain and the doctor came to look at it and he gave us some options. While we waited for my dad to come I got some x rays. I ended up getting two stitches on the top of my hand and two on the palm of my hand. The shots for numbing hurt the worse out of all of it because it was one on each side of each wound. Just ow! The stitches mostly felt like nothing but I felt a little. Its been healing up well and I can use my left hand a little bit but it still hurts sometimes and its getting itchy. I have to take antibiotics for this. They also gave me narcotic for pain. I took it once and never again! It made me so sleepy for a whole day even though it was suppose to last 6 hrs. It also relieve any pain. Tylenol has been good to me. Although the pain isn’t that bad until I hit it on something and I am clumsy. I got a call from a police officer about he bite and apparently animal control has to get involved paperwork wise and the owners are trying to find papers to show that the dog has recent rabies shots. If not they want me to get rabies shots. I am still waiting to hear from the Police Officer or the Medical team. I do have the girl’s number who is the owner because the police officer told me that she wanted to thank me. I still need to call her. I feel so bad because the dog did pass away. The owners and their kids just moved their 10 days before this happened. The officer told me they had buried the dog that day and because they did they couldn’t test the dog for rabies.

I guess the experience of stitches is a good thing for me so that when I have to clean someone’s wounds in the future I will know how it feels. I plan to become a Register Nurse so its good to know but the dog getting hit and dying was not a necessary experience. If I ever see a dog get hit again I will probably still do the same thing but hopefully be more cautious so I don’t get bit.

Also We found out that my dad’s girlfriend is really sick and may have cancer. Out of the four biopsies she has had three have been negative for cancer and one is positive. She switched hospitals to go to a better, more comforting place. I hope its not cancer and that they take out whatever it is soon so she can get better soon. I broke down and cried when I saw her after my dog bite thing when I got home because she was there with us that night and we had just found out that that one test result was positive. Since then we have heard more reassuring things. I broke down yesterday crying though because this just can not be happening. I love her. My dad loves her. She is part of our family. Her sister is going through chemo and everything right now as well for breast cancer. We just have to hold our breaths for another week or so for results.

Sorry for all the depressing stuff. I thought Summer was suppose to be fun?

Keeping Smiling,


3 responses to “New Member to the Stitches Club

  1. Sandra says:

    Wow, you had a lot to deal with in a short time. The summer can only get better. Try and stay positive. When I was in my teens it seems like lots of bad things happened to me. It was hard to cope with them because I was young. Coping with all of these things strengthens your character though and make you strong. Don’t give up. Congratulations on graduating and I hope the next phase of your life brings you lots of happiness. Sending all my positive thoughts and a lot of love to you. Be strong and look to the future, I can tell its going to be a bright one.

    • TearLily says:

      Thank you so much for all your wise words and positivity! I know I can always come back on here to get some strong motivation from you! You are an incredible person!

      • Sandra says:

        Thank you. I have been through some of the same things as you and know you’ll pull through and have a long rewarding life.

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