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It’s awkward being Awkward

on January 18, 2014

I have had way too many awkward moments out in public… I shouldn’t be allowed to go out anymore. 😦 I embarrass myself way too much and I almost always say I won’t ever go back there again but yet I always end up going back anyway.

The most recent one was at McDonalds to get a Mocha coffee. I kept driving too far from the window and I said out loud what the heck and at the same time I pointed at what I did. My boyfriend was in the car with me he understood what I was saying. This girl inside McDonalds was like “What happened? What did we do?” And my boyfriend and I both said “No! No! No! Not you guys!” and my boyfriend had to explain and she was like “Oh okay because I mean we do suck so.”

What’s wrong with me? Sometimes I can be so smooth and normal and other times its like did I seriously just do that??

I run into walls and chairs and I have accidently gone to the wrong car at least two times because my car is white and half the parking lot has to be filled with white cars! One time I was putting my key into the key thing of the wrong white car and I was carrying groceries so I didn’t actually get a good look till after I tried putting my key in and I was like oh… and This older guy saw me and asked if anything was wrong and I was like oh no I just mistook this car for my own and feel dumb and he did make me feel better by telling me how this lady he knew who was like in her 70’s or 80’s went into a store and when she came out she saw three men in her car and so she pulled out her handgun out and told them to get out of her car and she realized when she got into the car that it wasn’t hers and so the police came and she had to explain her mistake to them and apologized to the guys…

Yeah I think my mistake wasn’t as bad but still. haha

Have you had any awkward moments you want to share?

Have a frabjous Saturday!

P.S. I want the awkward penguin t shirt now!



4 responses to “It’s awkward being Awkward

  1. Sandra says:

    Hi there. Long time no talk. OK first, everyone goes through this. We get distracted thinking about other things. It happens a lot in your teens when you have so much going on, and then again when you get older. I am 57 now. I work full time (managing attorneys UGH), I am an author, my husband travels so I have a lot to handle. Along with all of this I am planning my daughter’s wedding in June. I had to do a conference call to an attorney in Dallas last week. I had an office full of people and I FORGOT where the ‘speaker phone’ button was on my office phone. Yes they all thought I was getting alzheimers! You will grow out of your awkwardness, and then grow back into it when you hit 55. Laugh at yourself often, you are special and unique and you don’t see all the goofy things other people do. Have a lovely weekend.

    • TearLily says:

      Thank you so much! I miss hearing all of your words of wisdom! Thank you! haha That’s young still though!! Wow you have a lot on your plate. Congrats on your Daughter’s wedding! I bet some of the planning will be fun but the rest of it will probably be a ton of work mentally. Is your daughter easy going when it comes to making decisions on things? I’m so indecisive! I’d be the worst bride to plan a wedding. That’s terrible about your husband traveling so much! It must be hard to not have him around all the time. Do you have pets at least? Attorneys seem like difficult people to deal with. My cousin is going to law school to be one and man is she just one huge argument. Everything is about her opinion. Ugh…haha I do laugh at myself often but in a very I can’t believe I just did that and now I’m embarrassed way! Thank you! Have an amazing weekend as well. I’m sorry my thoughts are so scrambled. I can’t believe you have time to blog when you are so busy with everything. Don’t forget to have your “me-time” because it sounds like you do a lot for others.

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