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What would you do?

on July 29, 2013

I have been a little hurt and a bit royally ticked off at my supposed best friend. Throughout the summer we have talked on the phone and have been texting each other. When we talk on the phone our conversations can last for hours and we have a good time. We text really long messages to one another. I’ve known her since middle school and now we are going into our last year of highschool. She goes to a different highschool than me at this time. I dont remember the last time we hung out to be honest. I know we have gone to the movies and such but its always really far spaced apart when we hang out due to rides and me not wanting to go to her mom’s house (long story). Basically now I have had my car set up and been driving the past two or three weeks now. We have talked about going to the movies to see Monsters university since the original had come out when we were kids and we heard by a lot of people that it was funny. I got a free movie ticket from donating blood on a blood bus so I was ecstatic to go. Her schedule for the summer is that she is at her mom’s house two days of the week (In the same city and about 15 minutes away) and the rest of the week she is at her dad’s (About half an hour to 45 minutes away). I told her that since she’ll be at her mom’s house on tuesday and wednesday of that week that we should go to the movies and hang out and she said that the days she is at her mom’s that she leaves those days free to hang out with Kvonn. Kvonn has been this huge thing for her for over a year now because he is her first and only boyfriend. He apparently broke up with her on a etxt message two times. I honestly feel that if soemone were to do that to me I wouldn’t consider us dating or whatever because that’s childish and obviously I didnt mean enough to the other person to say it in person or even on the phone. She keeps talking about this guy all the time and honestly he sounds rediculious. My advice is always the same and that is to forget about him. We are in highschool for pete’s sake. I told her that those two days were the only days I could go that week due to ride wise and such because this conversation took place a couple weeks ago when I was still weary about driving alone. She said that her dad could drive her and me to the movies even though he lives about half an hour away. So I was like okay then tell me when you are free. Then the week after that we were on the phone and she said oh we need to go to the movies but not when she is at her mom’s because those days are completely claimed for kvonn. I was like okay what about tomorrow because its a monday? She told me that oh I cant because we are probably going to seaworld. At that point I was just done. I said okay then you let me know when you are free because its obviously based off of her schedule, not mine. Its been about a week since that happened and she messaged me last night on facebook and I never looked at it or replied.

My feelings on it is that she is being so selfish and that if I were to tell her that you know what, it irritates me and hurts my feelings that you have two days that are convenient for everyone for us to hang out and she would rather hang out with him for both days. He wont be there for her after this schoolyear. She is treating the person who would be her best friend like crap. I dont want to tell her because then if she says oh well then what about we hang out on one of those days, she wont be making it out of her head. I dont even want to hang out with her right now but yet I feel like Ive known her for so long and so it sucks to just let things go?

What would you do?


4 responses to “What would you do?

  1. Maigida says:

    Though this was posted long ago but in my opinion I want you to realise that what you think you mean to someone may not exaltly be what you really mean to them. She has two days and she’s hanging out with someone else on these days, that’s enough to tell you that you matter less in her heart. I hope you didnt end up taking it personally cos it’s something anyone should expect… be good and follow my blog at instabuild.wordpress.com

  2. onlytears21 says:

    hey i was just browsing through blogs and i found yours i think it is really great but how come you havent done anymore posts in so long?

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