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on July 9, 2013


I am so tired and frustrated right now. I havent gotten a chance to be on here in months :/ and so much has happened since then. If you dont want to read a little bit of a rant then continue on your day good person. 🙂

I have been babysitting most of my summer at a young couple’s home. The child is about 1 and a half. At first it wasnt too bad because the mother actually offered me 8 dollars an hour to begin with. (I’m still in highschool for now and probably wouldnt have done much else with my summer anyway) She was saying how she would like to pay me more if she could in the future as her job progresses. Well she originally got laid off at a child daycare place (where she would take her daughter to work for free) and left on bad terms then went to Outback as a server and then picked up another serving job at a place called Beef O brady and then A t and t (all three at the same time) then quit there and is now starting up at a Medical office and is planning to quit at one of the serving jobs.

Her husband is working at a Plant Nursery pretty much everyday except one weekend during the month. He leaves super early and comes home around 6.

Her schedule was here and there and everywhere. Some days would be like 2 or 3pm till 6pm when her husband got home. Other days would be 10 or 11am to 6pm. Days apart from when i would work could go for working for 4 days straight to not working for 4 days straight. She has cancelled on me about 3 or 4 times and most of those times she didnt tell me. I would text her to check time and she would say oh I thought my husband told you it was cancelled today. (her and her husband agreed to pick me up and drop me back off because I hate driving so have avoided getting the driving test up till now, so I would be waiting at home all day waiting for her and to find out she wasnt coming and when she would come she would usually come 30 minutes earlier then she said.)

well witht he whole a t and t thing she was asking if she could pay me a salary because she thought she would be working from 9 in the morning till something at night and her husband gets home around 6pm so itd be like that monday through friday. I did the math and found out it would be about 45 hours that she wanted me each week and from what she had been paying me which was 8 dollars and hour it would cost 360 dollars each week and I knew that was way too much to ask for so i said what about 300 because that would be about 6 something per hour. She wanted to pay around 150 a week. 150 divided by 45 hours gives me about 2 something an hour. 45 hours is over the amount of time for a full time job someplace. I could be making 7 something an hour someplace for way less hours to make 150 dollars a week. I checked prices online. On craigslist you can find people who charge 20 bucks a day but the kid goes to that person’s house along with a bunch of other peoples kids and at the daycare they charge about 150 a week. The Mother doesnt want to take her kid to someone’s house or to a daycare because the kid has a bunch of allergies to a ton of different foods (Anything with perservatives, carrots, dairy products) and she didnt want her kid sick all the time. Basically she wants someone to stay at the house for 9 hours a day for 5 days a week for 150 a week. Lately she has been asking me to be ready at 7 in the morning. I have to take a nap when the baby takes a nap but I keep the monitor close to me.

I told the mom whats probably best is for her to find someone else in the next couple weeks and I will work for her on the salary pay till then. I didnt think she was going to pay last week on the salary deal because we hadnt come up with it till this week but she did. I dont want to ask to much from them but its like this, I know she is working two serving jobs and her husband is working a full time job and they have a roommate who pays money monthly now. :/ I know she is saying basically she wants to be making more then she pays the babysitter so that its worth her going to work but its kind of not fair to ask so many hours of me for a little pay.

I cant wait till she finds someone else to take over. She said she would still call me for date night things and weekends but since Ive been working for them they have been argueing and havent had a single date night…so thats kind of out the window but maybe weekends for some extra money unless I get a new job and work weekends there.

Sorry for ranting 😦 I just need to get it out of my system. Even if no one reads it, its nice to write it all out.


3 responses to “Frustration

  1. Sandra says:

    Ohhh I hope you find some other way to earn some money. She sounds crazy and unreliable. Not a great way to spend you summer. Letting it all out feels good though right.

    • TearLily says:

      haha! thank you Sandra! She can be both of those…her husband had apparently cheated on her a few months back and he started texting the same girl back and so she called me 6 times one night after 9 and I had put my phone in my room to charge and she wanted to know if I could watch the baby while she confronted him someplace but by the time I got back to her she said she was calm and would do it when he got home. I dont mind helping out here or there but I’m tired of it. Thank you! It does feel good to let it out.

      • Sandra says:

        Ohhhh, you need to break away from that whole mess. A cheating husband, a young baby. Destined for failure. She sounds at her wits end.

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