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Bad Dreams

on March 17, 2013

I’ve had a lot of dreams lately with my boyfriend in it. Typically its amazing if I remember my dreams because they’re usually very scattered and have no complete story. I’ve read about dreams once and they are pretty neat because some can be a continuous story, others can be controlled by the dreamer and so on. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about people believing that what you dream symbolize something in your life. One of those symbolizing things that I remember is that if you are falling in your dream it’s suppose to mean that you are struggling with a lot of things in life at that moment that are stressing you out, especially to do with due dates. I don’t remember ever falling in my dreams, Which is amazing since I am a procrastinator. A lot of people who study the brain say that when you sleep things in your brain bounce around and you dream about it. I believe that since when I worry about something I usually dream about it.

My dreams are usually scattered around and have no good transitions to the next scene. Like when you watch a movie one scene can dramatically black out and move onto the next but usually it makes sense. In my dreams its all over the place. I had a dream once that I went from saving animals at this horrible animal shelter and ran out into the street with all the random animals (there were snakes in the mix) and then I was randomly in a cute town sort of like you would see in Disney but there was a huge M&M Mountain. Just one giant red M&M and the then the town tilted sort of like in the movie inception and the M&M mountain came crashing down and I was in a kayak swimming away because it was more of a river then anything by the time it got to me. As you can see that made no sense! Those are my typical dreams. Usually not as crazy though. If I dream about a place I should know such as my house or school, it looks different in my dream. A completely different place that I have never been to. Same thing with the people in my dream. Usually I don’t know anyone in my dream in my real life so when I have a dream with someone in real life in it, its pretty weird.

One of the scariest dreams I remember having was when I was younger I was in a bed in this room randomly and it had all these shelves all up and down the wall and the ceiling was high. There were just all those beautiful but creepy porcelain dolls and they all had their heads moved to where they could stare at me and then I crawled out of the bed and ran out of the room and in the hall was this nice looking man in a suit and I was going towards him but then he turned into a werewolf so I ran away and somehow found my way out of the house and when I was running from the house it was just this random beautiful but creepy mansion and the werewolf dude was back to a nice man in a suit at the door.

Well anyway besides all these weird dreams I’ve had in the way past that I can remember the more recent ones have been with people I know in real life in it. About a couple weeks after we got together I had a dream about him and me in our ROTC classroom and the room was super bright. It was so weird since it usually isn’t that bright and nice and because it looked just like our class that I go to and I don’t ever dream of places I know. Our desks were pulled together and he was coloring a castle that was on a paper that was torn from a kids coloring book. I asked if I could color too and he thought about it and said sure but he didn’t sound like he wanted me to and when I started to color he got all upset with me and said I was doing it wrong and took it back from me. I told him about it the next morning. He has a great sense of humor and said he was sorry for being so rude in my dream. About a few weeks ago I feel like he was in one of my dreams but I don’t remember that one besides knowing he was in it. One about a week ago he was in it and I feel like we were at school again or something and I was so angry and frustrated but not at him and that dream the place also didn’t look familiar to me. The one last night that I had had him in it and we were hanging out with his family I guess and he in this dream had a little sister and now I think could be a little cousin and she was playing on my ginormous Tablet (I don’t have a huge tablet in real life though haha) and she was downloading something on it and I got mad and yelled at her. I didn’t mean to yell and said sorry a couple times to her and my boyfriend got so mad at me which isn’t like him. He stayed mad at me the whole dream. I said sorry to him again and told him I dont know what more he wanted from me so I left and then the next scene I was at some random fair type thing and people were dressed up like they were trying to be from the renaissance time (which is funny because I was just at a renaissance festival but the place looked nothing like the one I went to). My dad and his girlfriend were with me in the dream. I had messaged my boyfriend earlier and asked if he wanted to join me at it but he didn’t response so the whole time I was kind of upset he didn’t just tell me no then I feel like the dream ended with me seeing him at some point and telling him hey if you’re going to stay mad at me then we’re going to have to break up because there’s no purpose to stay together. Then he was mad at me more because I brought up breaking up! haha it was so weird. None of the places looked familiar in the dream but three people were in it that I know in real life.

I wonder what these dreams mean. I don’t usually have dreams with people in them and I have dreams with him in it and usually he’s mad in them which isn’t like him at all in real life. I don’t remember us being mad at each other yet and we’ve been together for five months now. Oh well.

What kind of dreams do you guys have?



2 responses to “Bad Dreams

  1. Sandra says:

    I used to have awful dreams when I was younger. Always about my mum drowning. She would have the same dreams about me. I think it was during my teens and we were both struggling with the type of relatoinship teenagers and parents have. It was tough. Sometimes I would dream I could fly. I think that meant I wanted rise above my problems. Oh, and I dreamed about Zombies a lot too.

    • TearLily says:

      Oh my goodness those dreams about drowning sound horrible! The flying one sounds awesome :). I’ve never dreamed about flying before. The zombies sound kind of cool too. Actually I had one dream about zombies before. It was pretty cool because I felt so strong in my dream and could defend myself. I love how dreams have meanings to them. Mine are just so out of place. I had one dream where my boyfriend died because of some evil spirits or demons or something, it was horrible. (Perhaps too much tv and paranormal thriller movies.)

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