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Me? A Player?

on February 14, 2013


The first thing that pops in my head when I hear the word Player is a girl or guy who goes around getting multiple girls or guys at the same time. Like they will date them and skip around a lot. I always think of a user when I hear that word. Or a heart breaker?

When I type in Player at Bing.com what I get is a site that is talking about a type of player on your computer, a band named player that was apparently a big deal in America in the 1970’s and then the Urban Dictionary’s definition of Player.

Lets see what the Urban Dictionary has to say?


A Guy Who:
(1) doesn’t understand the meaning of relationship
(2) is in full reproductive mode
(3) is very good at making girls think he is into them (also very proficient at breaking said girls hearts)
(4) often “dates” several girls at several schools (girls are often unaware of each other)

There was also some rude definitions on there but I try not to curse on my blogs because I want to keep what I write on the internet clean.

I think it’s pretty funny since the amount of boyfriends I’ve had I can count on one hand. And when I say a boyfriend I mean someone who I have been on multiple dates before considering them my boyfriend. I have to know who they are and how they will treat me before making a monogamous commitment. haha Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge flirt but only when the guy is single and I am single. When I am with a boyfriend or I know people are taken I will not flirt.

I think it’s pretty funny but at the same time the people that apparently were talking about me should have nothing to say about me. One guy’s name is Reyaz and he apparently said I led him on but honestly I don’t know him. He is in ROTC too but I haven’t had a class with him till this semester which just started not too long ago. He has a girlfriend who is in my squad. I’ve never had a full conversation with him before and defidently not a one on on conversation. I know who he is but I dont know him. I just always got a weird vibe from this dude. Then there is Nick who I was friends with and at some point we would talk every single day. He liked me at some point and I told him I’m sorry but I dont feel like that towards you but I hope we can stay friends. I’m pretty direct. I threw in the whole bit with the whole I care about you as a brother and so he took that kind of serious about us being like brother and sister for a while. We never went out public places to hang out by ourselves except like once at the library but he knew I considered him a friend. He had gone to my house maybe once or twice but of course a parent was there and it was still a friend thing. We went to the movies once but we had another guy friend with us. Anywho apparently he said he asked me out and I said we had to go on a date before I considered him my boyfriend so he took me out on a date and apparently I was only just using him? I feel like he is a liar. I never went on a date with him and I sure as heck never said he’d ever be my boyfriend.

So should I be offended by this label or find it comical? I can almost take it as a compliment that they think I’m that great with guys? haha

Keep Smiling,

P.S. I told my boyfriend and he laughed xD that’s how worried he is about it.


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