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Happy Valentines Day!

on February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Valentines Day shouldn’t just be about couples, it should also be about friends and family! Let the people in your life know that you care about them and how they have impacted your life. 🙂 It could always brighten that person’s day knowing that their existence is important to someone.

Even if you don’t tell them today their is always tomorrow or this weekend or next week! Let them know!

Thank you for everyone who reads my blog! I appreciate it! Always feel free to comment any questions or thoughts you have!

Today was a nice day for me. It was the first Valentines Day that I had a boyfriend. It was a nasty day down here in Florida though. Its been gray and cloudy all day and rainy at times. Now it is just storming away.

My Boyfriend was super sweet. We had to all dress up today for JROTC in place of uniforms so everyone did look nice. He wore an adorable red shirt :D. I was in a dress. I gave him a box of chocolates (Twix and milky way in it because he loves caramel) and a stuffed animal chipmunk which was suppose to be an inside joke type thing…I don’t think it was such a good idea anymore although he said it was cute but I don’t know. I had also gotten him some things our school clubs were selling like a singing gram where a 5 person group from chorus comes into the class and sings either “I’m Yours” from Jason Mraz or “You and Me” from I believe lifehouse? It was only a dollar so hopefully they came into his class and sang for him :D. I also got him a 2 dollar carnation they were selling for HOSA which is a club I am in. I know for sure that got to him because that was earlier in the day. Of course the one he got had to be pink xD.

He made me a brownie that he cut into a heart shape! I had made him a heart shaped Peanut Butter cookie before we were going out so I thought it was the sweetest thing. (He asked me what I wanted for Valentines Day a couple weeks back and I said I wanted him to cook for me.) He also got me a rose and a bag of Ande’s candy and my favorite part of his gift was a pin/brooch that is a beautiful turtle! He knows my favorite animals are Sea Turtles so i was pleased :).

I wasn’t in that great of a mood today though. I was very shaky this morning and got frustrated in Math class over being rushed with work (our time got cut short due to having to go to an hour meeting for Juniors and Seniors while Freshmen and Sophomores were writing for practice). Overall though I had a nice day. I got a cupcake from a friend and a brownie from another and a Ghiradelli coconut chocolate. It was overall a pretty sweet day. haha Yes, pun intended.

Keep Smiling,

P.S. How was your Valentines Day? Did you have a valentine?


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