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Art Project: Phobias

on January 25, 2013

So I am officially in Ap Art starting this past Tuesday. I can’t believe I am in it. It’s so random to me. I never even really thought I’d be taking a class like this. 


Starting off we have two projects and some written work. I have done all my paperwork work already and I started one project and have an idea for my next project.


The First project she gave us was to make something out of lines. The majority of the class is doing a 2D portfolio and about only 4 of us are doing a 3D portfolio. I am doing a 3D one with mostly Clay things. I think I will use clay in every single one but add some materials such as cloth or metal wires to it. For this first project I have decided to start off with a platform of clay and then to use little lines I cut out of the clay to make grass. It’s taking forever but looks pretty good so far. I am working on an old looking bench and then some stepping stones. I am going to make some animals out of lines. I have no idea how I’m going to do it but it shall happen!


The second project she is having us do is a kind of random creature? For 2D people it’s simple because they can draw random things together or take pictures and collage them together. She wants animal parts or some random things just kind of mashed together to make a mutant thing? My idea on this is to take a dark route and go with phobias I may have or other people may have. My biggest fears are cockroaches and dolls coming to life. It’d be difficult to make a scary creepy looking cockroach or a doll coming to life so I am sticking with the general phobias. I looked up a list up the top ten phobias and the first was heights which is too hard to put into a collage and some others such as dark, small spaces and etc. The ones I plan to use in my project are snakes, spiders, and the number 13. haha the number 13 is a fear or superstition to people.  


My plan that I hope I can do is to make a girl with Spider legs as her whole bottom half of her body in a sitting position and then for her to be in a dark torn up corset dress. One of her arms will be a rattlesnake and the ear on the side of the arm will have a rattle as the earring. She will have a gothic looking tophat with a playing card  tucked in it. Of course the playing card will be an Ace of 13. haha Not a real card but what the hay? I thought her normal human arm can be holding a black rose. Maybe I should try to make a raven on her shoulder? Do you have any ideas to make this even creepier? 



I wonder if I could actually sculpt that. We shall see. 


Keep smiling,




P.S. I usually am not a really dark person so the whole phobia project is way out there for me. 


4 responses to “Art Project: Phobias

  1. Sandra says:

    Wow, you are really going for it. How about having one of here eyes kind of bulging or popping out. Good luck, an ambitious project.

  2. Those sound like awesome projects! I’m useless at art, but I’m in two AP classes, math and english, and I love them. AP is a lot of work but it’s so worth it. Have fun!

    • TearLily says:

      haha Thank you! They are a lot of work! It usually depends on your teacher if you have fun! Sounds like you have great teachers 😀

      I bet you have more talent at art than you think 🙂

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