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Ohhh the Pain…Literally

on January 13, 2013

I am in so much pain from exercising on Friday with ROTC. I’m super sore. My legs are in so much pain. It annoyed me that last Friday our main exercise thing was for each squad to be split into two squads and then one squad runs around the loop while the other squad is doing an exercise then when the running squad gets back we switch and they run while we exercise. Its not fun. It sucks but all I could think was the sooner we get done the better! I should have been in charge of a squad but I wasn’t given that responsibility which really ticked me off because I should have been but someone who is in a grade below me was put in charge. I am the loudest girl out there and I do what I’m suppose to and there is just too much on this topic and I could go on and on. The girl who was put in charge of us started walking on our 2nd lap around the loop and we only had 5 to 6 laps and 5 exercises. She was trying to tell the freshmen in our group that they could walk if they needed to which ticks me off so much when anyone tells people in ROTC that oh hey you can take a break or walk because unless you have asthma you need to be pushing yourself because once you walk or “take a break” you are done. I learned this in my three years in Cross Country during middle school. If you stop you will never get your momentum back. So I was telling them do not stop no matter what because I knew they didn’t have any medical issues. The girl who was suppose to be in charge of us got way behind and went to the bathroom which to me is just basically quitting. I kept us going till the end and in the other squad the girl who is suppose to be in charge of us that day was at the bathroom and then came back and joined us and wanted to stop constantly. I am so proud of my freshmen who stuck with me and exercised the whole time. They’ve got motivation.

Now that I am thinking about it, the only good thing still about being in ROTC is the scholarships it can give me and helping the freshmen out. A lot of the people in ROTC are cool too but there is just so much crap you have to deal with in the program. Favoritism, uniforms every week, and so on. It irritates me so much to be in the program but at the same time I don’t know how I feel about quitting it. If I did quit I would have more time all of next year to do art classes and such. I talked to the art teacher and she said I am really good with clay and making things and she would like me to be in AP art which would give me a college credit for art and all I had to do was make a portfolio of art pieces. All I would have to do everyday was art. How awesome is that? Trade in ROTC for all year of art classes? I’m thinking about it more seriously now. I won’t have time next year to take art if I stay in ROTC but could I get over quitting ROTC? The questions that haunt me.

Hope you guys aren’t sore or irritated with life,


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