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Gratitude Journal Entry#3

on January 13, 2013

Alright so I am grateful for my best friend who has helped me get my mind off of the annoyances of the world. I am grateful for the friends around me for still calling me and texting me or messaging me online even though I have been so distant with them. I appreciate the compliments I have gotten from my art teacher which has gotten me to think more and perhaps change the rest of the way my high school will go. I appreciate my family for being there for me although I can not do much to help them back but maybe in the future.

Last week was the last time my friend Nathan and I went to our intern site and we gave the school nurse a gift card to Red Lobster and a thank you note. I am thankful for getting to intern at the elementary school I use to go to. It was a neat experience that I will always remember. I’m going to miss the kids that we got to see three times a week.

Keep smiling,


2 responses to “Gratitude Journal Entry#3

  1. Sandra says:

    Focus on the good and the bad will stay in the background. Enjoy your Sunday.

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