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New Year’s and a glass of Sparkling Grape Juice

on January 4, 2013

I really love Sparking Grape juice. I don’t know why but I do. I can’t stand the taste of alcohol (having a sip here and there and a cocktail). But offer me a glass of sparkling grape juice!


Happy New years everyone. Its about 3 days after New years but hey I have the rest of the year to wish it to you. I have never really made resolutions before. I don’t see that ever being something I could actually do. I am an official procrastinator. I can’t complete to do list just because it is in list form. I may make a promise to myself to exercise everyday or every other day but lets face it folks, I am a couch potato . I do think having New Year’s resolutions are a great idea as long as you know you can complete them and feel proud of yourself. If you can’t its better to just not do it?


I do think a good idea is to make a gratitude journal. I read that people keep Journals that they write things like I’m glad I woke up today or I’m happy I have family who love me and etc etc. I think that is something I could manage to do and it would actually do something for me. I use to have this app on my phone that was suppose to make you happier in 30 days and what it did was say good morning to you and good night. In the mornings when it said good morning you were suppose to write down three things you are grateful for and then at night you had to write one thing that you did that day and felt good about. I like that idea. Something that says good morning and that you write only good things in. I think I might try to do a Gratitude Journal on my blog? I wonder if I can keep up with it.


What is your New Year’s tradition? Do you do New resolutions every year? Keep a journal? Write things you accomplished throughout the year and put it into a jar?


So today my dad and I painted my bathroom! Yes! Our house is very old and my bathroom had wallpaper that needed replacing majorly. I tore it all down and then my dad got me some product to spray onto the walls to clean the wallpaper paste that was used before and then he helped me set up painting my bathroom and then had me paint the rest. His point in any project we do together is to teach me how to do things so one day when I am on my own I don’t have to rely on anyone and can do it on my own. The bathroom looks super! I cant wait to get decorations for the wall for it.

*The Next two paragraphs is just drama so you can move on if you don’t want to read it.

(Some annoying things that happened today was that I texted my friend who considers me, in her own words, “best friend” or “sister” something super nice and her answer was one word. Yes this is Courtney folks. The one in a previous post who is super about herself and doesn’t listen to anything I have to say. I try to keep good relations with the people I am around and so today I texted her “Hey how have you been doing? :)” and her response was “fantastic” and to me this is just rude. When you text someone and ask how they are you expect them to ask how you are too. She called me later and said she was with her boyfriend and then talked about what she had been doing and then said that some college has been calling her but asking for me. They literally called her and asked if it was Dalena on the phone? How weird. I’m happy that i haven’t been hanging out with Courtney much during the break. She can be pretty self absorbed and even though I dont think she means it she is selfish.


I texted another friend that moved to New Jersey (long story of all this family drama) and asked how she had been doing and she said im good but tired and I asked why she was tired and she said I just always am and thats the end of that conversation.)


If you haven’t seen Les Miserables you need to go out and see it! It was very good! I actually saw it was my family on Christmas Day. Its a very long movie and most of it is singing but its amazing. I cried at the end. 😥


Have a wonderful New Year!



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