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on December 28, 2012

Do you have someone that irks you? I know the feeling, trust me.


I have a friend who has been giving me rides to school and back home and she has been very nice about the rides and such and has even waited after school till I was done with some of my meetings then gives me a ride home. BUT, yes a big but, she goes on about all this “drama” in her life and the more she goes on about oh this guy did this or that guy did that to her and said this and such it makes me believe her less and less. I am beginning to think she is a lair. Now of course the things she say are not major but in the end if she is making these things up or exaggerating a huge bit, that is still lying. I don’t think lying should ever be necessary unless its so you don’t hurt someone’s feeling.  For example if you got a gift you hate but you’re not going to say that to the person or if the person looks like a mess but they think they look pretty, let it be. How does everyone feel about lying? How major of a lie is okay to you? Is some he said she said drama okay?


Now it’s not just rumors and gossiping that she goes on about. Sometimes she says stuff like ” oh (insert name here) , jumped me yesterday and was like trying to kiss me and stuff.” WTF? When she says things like that it, it irritates me because if it is real just stop hanging out with these people. I tell her that if people are being rude to you and using you and such then stop hanging out with them and talking to them but she never takes my advice and hangs out with them and texts them (or so she says lol yes I doubt her nowadays).  If this isn’t true and she lies, these aren’t little lies and she needs therapy to stop lying. Like one of the guys she says does stuff like this to her all the time has a girlfriend who apparently according to my friends at my art table, he is head over heels in love with his girlfriend and wouldn’t do anything like that to any other girl because he doesn’t want to ruin what they have. If those are lies it could seriously hurt people and start bad rumors around school.


I’m not trying to be vain or heartless or anything else mean but she is not that pretty. Like she can be decent when she tries and puts makeup on. Like I love how she puts eyeliner on but she does have bad acne. I have acne too and such and I know I have my bad days but its never been that bad. She is probably one of those rare cases that could get a strong acne pill called acutene or something? And people who are prescribed that pill get dehydrated and can get some bad side effects but they take it because they really can’t stand their acne. So my point of that was to basically say that when she keeps going on about all these guys going after her its like for real?


I listen to her like a good friend. (Like a good friend, Dalena is there! that was suppose to be like that statefarm jingle…) She does not give a flying crap what I have to say unless its about boys. Sometimes she will listen then. I will be in the car listening to her then I will talk and sometimes she has even turned the music up while I talked. What the flying hockey puck man? When she calls me she goes on and on and when I talk she will just not say anything then be like uh huh and continue on with whatever she was saying. I was suggesting something to her because she said her back hurt or something so I said well you could use a heating pad and if she doesn’t have one she could put rice in a sock and warm it in the microwave and use it as a warming pack and she continued on with whatever and I was like did you even hear what I said and she was like oh no what did you say and I said it again and she didn’t listen again.  But like even though she doesnt listen to me and is sooo annoying she can be good in ways like she will offer me a ride to errands and such and I’ll be like well are you going there so if she goes on errands she will give me a lift to where I need to go and go to places where she needs to go. I think she has a problem with being alone and going anywhere alone.


She has told me we are best friends and that we’re basically like sisters. I dont feel like that. My best friend listens to me haha. Her and I dont even get to see each other much but we talk every single day through texts and phone calls. I know all her problems and pains and she knows mine. We are almost sisters.


I don’t think  I am a terrible friend. I have friends I still keep in touch with that have graduated high school last year and people I dont see much. We talk on the phone for hours and the conversations are usually lively and fun. When I hang out with someone we usually try to take turns with telling stories and things so it’s equal? I mean it’s a common courtesy thing. But then again I can be a bad friend. I have forgotten birthdays and not kept in touch for over a long period of time. But no ones perfect.

What do you guys think? Do you have a friend who isn’t a good friend in your life?





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