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ahhhh Love

on December 28, 2012

Ahhhh Love…that scary word. I find saying that word to a boyfriend a challenge honestly. My boyfriend and I are doing pretty good now from what I can tell. We have been busy over the break but we are planning on going to the movies on most likely Monday.


To me, Love is not in High school. It’s not something I see myself having while so young. I have never “fallen in love” and dont go into a relationship hoping that I will. I think that’s the best way to get hurt and then if you do go into something thinking oh it will happen then I think you might fabricate it in your head and heart a bit. I think if I say I won’t fall in love and look at it as having a companion during those rough teenage years that if I do fall in love it might actually be real?


So basically don’t worry about getting married and finding your soul mate so much or else you will mistake puppy love as actual love and then when your soul mate or perfect match will be out there still while you are stuck with something you didn’t actually want.


I’ve never seen someone fall in love and for it to last so I think that’s why I am the way I am. I think I am a realist when it comes down to it.


Keep smiling,





Did you know penguins mate for life? A male penguin will search the beach for the perfect pebble and then present it to a female penguin. The male even will care of the egg after the female penguin lays it.


2 responses to “ahhhh Love

  1. Sandra says:

    Hey there, just enjoy the moment if it makes you feel good. Love is a good feeling. As for your previouse blog. Dump your friend, she is needy, insecure and will bring you down. So endeth my lesson for today.

    • TearLily says:

      Awww thank you! You always have such wonderful words of wisdom. 😀

      The only problem with her is that she is my ride for school. I probably won’t get a car till the summer plus the fact that I hate driving. But then again is it worth the trouble and irritation she causes me…

      Have a wonderful week and new years!

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