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Frustration Bottled up

on December 10, 2012

I feel like I’ve got a lot of frustration going round and round all week and it hasn’t even been into the week yet. :/ I have no idea what i am looking forward to anymore. I don’t know if I want it to be Christmas yet or not. Every holiday has its up and down and afterwards and before I always feel rushed and stressed and drained. A ton of people come and then go and then you are left with having to clean your house and beforehand you have to prepare food and come up with gift ideas. Maybe next Christmas I will plan on buying gifts just for children who have nothing and then use Christmas eve and Christmas day for giving out food at some homeless shelter. It would mean more of a Christmas to me then feeling stressed out like I do now during Thanksgiving and other holidays. I diffidently know what I want to do for my birthday in August next year! I would like to go to the beach for a half a week or something with some friends. I just want a completely relaxed birthday with beach time and some relaxing things in it like going and doing some shopping and eating local food.

One thing I love about December is the music and colors. Especially the Christmas lights. Am I just weird but I love walking around at night especially when all the houses are decorated with lights. It’s the prettiest time of the year even though I hate the cold even though it doesn’t get that cold in Florida. haha

Here is one of my favorite Christmas songs:


(Don’t worry I know this isn’t the original but for some reaosn Youtube has become weird with videos so Glee has all the christmas songs still on youtube.)

Merry Christmas or happy holidays to people who don’t celebrate Christmas!

Keep Smiling,



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