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Monday is not a funday

on December 2, 2012

I am not ready for tomorrow yet. I feel like this every Sunday night. I actually usually start dreading Monday on Saturday night as well which is terrible because I should just take life like it is and enjoy my weekends but its hard when you know you have a long day of school or work the next day. I haven’t gotten to see my boyfriend that much lately so I feel kind of more stressed then usual. He makes me laugh a lot so he’s sort of my escape from my worries. Which makes me start worrying if we will break up soon and what will happen to my everyday life. I am super negative about high school relationships because I know they won’t last so I look at people weird when they are like oh yeah I’ve fallen in love before. Although it’s like if I am so negative I wont be able to enjoy life as it comes.


What is everyone’s feelings on “high school relationships”?




2 responses to “Monday is not a funday

  1. skarba says:

    Your happiness shouldn’t be entirely dependent upon someone else, you should be happy within yourself. There is no point in being negative towards it, that is more likely to make it not work. Personally, the “high school relationship” that i had broke down, but the two that I had made me into the person that I am now, and I do not regret them for a single second. Love is different every time, just go along for the ride and see where it goes, and they aren’t always not lasting, my friend is still in her high school relationship now at 22! its just as you grow and life changes you change, and you will either grow together or apart, enjoy now, life only happens once 🙂

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