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Bald Dilemma

on November 29, 2012

Yesterday for ROTC (Just to refresh if no one knows or remembers what it is, it is a program in high school and college and sometimes middle school that is a leadership program that is military based so we learn things about the military, march, and wear a uniform. My ROTC is Navy based.) we had to wear uniforms which is a hugeeee pain in the behind. I have to wake up a little earlier to put my hair up and I am not a morning person. I have to use a truckload of gel in my hair and its just not fun.


My Boyfriend and I are both In ROTC. Yesterday when I saw him briefly in the morning he was in uniform, of course, and I was devastated at the sight of his bald head! I love his hair. I don’t like it long but I still love his hair. It’s like a light goldenish shade. I asked him what happened and he said he cut it that morning for inspection (uniforms) and he messed up and had to cut it all off! Guys in ROTC have to cut their hair an inch or less and the hair must be off the ears and they have to shave a certain way to get rid of sideburns.


I still feel a bit down when I see it so short. I hope it grows back quickly! I feel like getting him this kind of oil I learned about while getting my eyebrows (painfully) threaded instead of waxed and they said to someone I was with that because she had such thin and weak eyebrows to use this oil and put it on her eyebrow area and it will grow faster and thicker. I feel like going back to that place and buying a couple bottles (it’s just an herb) and rubbing it all over my boyfriend’s head! I have been daydreaming about it. haha The poor guy doesn’t know about that. I think I’ll keep that to myself.


Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!



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