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Sprite and German Triple Chocolate cake!

on November 19, 2012

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on (again!)! It’s been since September. I don’t know if anyone reads my blog diligently anyway. haha

A lot has been going on. I’m still being annoyed by the person I use to consider my adoptive mom because she keeps going to my school in the mornings randomly and dropping kids off at school (not her kids, other random people’s kids). She slows the car down when she drives by me and I would just stare but from now I am just going to ignore her. Apparently she is sick and needs a heart transplant. I have become very cold hearted because of her because I don’t honestly care what happens to her, I just want her out of my life. She has finally given our stuff back because of the whole court order but I don’t have my dog back yet and not sure if I will ever get her back (talking about the dog). Apparently because of her being sick she has become nicer and she is trying to worm back into my heart by giving my dad things to give to me when he goes and picks some more of our stuff up. I have been pretty stubborn because my dad wants me to forgive her, thank her for the stuff she gives me, and talk to her. Yeah not happening. Him telling me that makes me act more defiant and not want to do it. So a note to parents, don’t tell your teenager how you feel about forgiving someone unless you feel the same way as the teenager because us teenagers are young adults and will rebel. When you agree with us we’re like hey okay thats cool but if you go on and on about how you feel (which is opposite to us) we will rebel and get even more anger and hatred built up. And one more note, Don’t ever try to act like a therapist to us unless you are our therapist. I’ve just been feeling these things with my dad lately and it just starts to weaken our relationship because he isn’t a therapist so he shouldn’t tell me how I feel when he doesn’t know and I only act more rebellious when he tells me what he thinks I should do. And oh my goodness don’t ever say I shouldve raised you better and taken you to church more. No matter how much he could’ve forced me to go to church it never would’ve changed how I feel now. I could’ve gone to church every single day and I would still feel the same as I do now. I just have a very defiant and irritable soul and spirit I guess. :/ It’s so much easier to make light of someone else’s situation then your own. (I just wanted to add that more recently someone said something to me that really made me understand more of why I am so angry towards the person I considered my adoptive mother. She has never apologized to me before. My dad use to ask me to apologize to her even when I didn’t feel like it was my fault just to keep peace in the family. She honestly doesn’t think she has done anything wrong. She has no forgiveness from me mostly due to that but I never realized it was that simple till lately. When everyone around you who was once your family drop you like a hot potato its time to look at yourself and say hey what could I have done to make this happen?)

My friend Courtney drives me to school and home pretty much everyday and I see her practically everyday but sometimes our friendship can be a bit annoying. I mean I do appreciate her but sometimes she does things that irritate me like for one thing she tells me all this “drama” in her life and then not really listen to mine. It feels like I know more about her life then she knows about mine. When we are in the car and I start to tell her something about my life she usually turns the music louder. And when we aren’t in the car she usually just says uh huh. Unless I am talking about boys, she doesn’t listen…It’s kind of rude haha. Okay it’s just plain rude. She does care though and when I am sick or not at school she will come over and see if I am alright or call me and bring me work. I haven’t had people really borrow much from me in the past except a book here or there and she has been borrowing a lot from me and it takes her forever to bring me back my stuff and I usually have to ask for it back and that has annoyed me so much because I bring back whatever I borrow immediately before I break it or the person gets annoyed. I felt bad for her because she has a lot going on with her family and is living with her grandparents while her mom and stepdad and siblings went to north carolina. She is here to finish highschool and her grandmother is in her business and strict. I just recently went into her house and had dinner with them last night and their house is sooooo nice! It’s beautiful. So now I don’t feel as bad for her as I did before when it came to her borrowing things from me because her grandparents aren’t just giving her a room, they are taking great care of her! Her grandmother takes her shopping a lot and gets her hair done and so on.

On a happy note, I recently got a boyfriend but he’s sort of been mine for a while now haha. He has been messaging me since the middle of the summer on facebook and when school started he has walked me at least half way to class then all the way to class and eaten lunch with me and messaged me. He has a phone but it’s not connected so he can use apps on it and such but he needs wifi. I haven’t ever asked why he doesn’t have his phone connected because I don’t want to bother him because it’s most likely money issues. I understand when it comes to money because we have never been rich ourselves but I have always had a phone since I got one because I need it for rides and safety issues. I just finally got to upgrade my phone to a smartphone this past summer! That was only because my phone accidentally dropped in the toilet and Verizon only has a handful of non-smartphones to choose from. But anyway back to this guy of mine. He is hands down the cutest guy I have ever dated. He isn’t that smart though…I dont know whats wrong with me! I almost always go for really booksmart guys but the past couple of guys have been around the B average range. 😮 He has a scratchy low voice which is adorable and his smile is to die for! He is super tan because he is addicted to soccer. He really is adorable. He’s a bit weird at times but that’s why everyone loves him haha. He is the funny guy in the group. We’re in ROTC together so its cool that my boyfriend can relate to me when it comes to wearing uniforms, marching, push-ups, sit-ups, and etc! On our first date we went to a small downtown and walked around the farmers market and just talked and talked. We talked for 6 hours! I told him about my whole complicated life briefly and he told me some about his family. He is a year younger then me but I think I have grown to like it actually because he is just so sweet and honest about things. He’s also pretty innocent compared to the majority of boys in high school. I’m always shocked when people tell me things like oh yeah she has had sex with these many guys. I am just like what? Why? How do people even find time for that stuff? If I am not at school I have homework and then I try to catch up on sleep. Oh and another thing with this guy (Oh by the way his name is William but everyone calls him Will which is just even more adorable) we have talked about how we feel about relationships in high school. I asked him how he feels about relationships in high school and he said he takes them serious to the point of “cheating” but that most people dont stay together from high school till yonder. I said I don’t take them serious like I am going to look for a dream guy to marry because come on people it’s high school.  If you look for a soul mate he won’t show up because no one will be perfect enough for you. Just enjoy life as it comes. Laugh a lot. Flirt a lot. Eat all the flavors of cake but not too much or else you’ll get stuffed with the first couple of guys or girls. (My friend and I came up with the metaphor that guys are like different flavors of cake depending on their personality and girls are beverages depending on personality.) Will asked me if I’ve ever fallen in love before and I kind of laughed and was like no and he said he has once but it was in get this in 8th grade. haha And then I made sure to let him know how I feel about breakups. I will not go back out with someone at least in high school. Maybe later in the future I would but not in high school. Four years is too short to be causing drama with on and off things for me. He said he understood and the only time he has gotten back with someone was when he thought he was in love and they got back together for a week and she broke up with him. haha

Will is a very diverse person because he is so mixed with different races. He calls himself a Mutt. :/

To me he is Triple German Chocolate cake. haha I love German chocolate and he has German in him somewhere.

I asked him what beverage I am and he was like soy milk  (haha I am Asian. very funny) Then he was like just kidding you are Sprite because you’re so bubbly.

I don’t think Sprite and German Triple Chocolate Cake goes very well together haha. More like a glass of milk but that would be a plain girl and I don’t think I am plain and I sure don’t want to be plain not that anything is wrong with being plain it’s just not me. I guess sprite really does work.

So what beverage or flavor of cake are you? If you are a beverage it can range from milk to sodas to milkshakes to anything you can drink! If you are a flavor of cake you can be cake to cupcakes to pie to whatever dessert you like.

Have an amazing thanksgiving!






5 responses to “Sprite and German Triple Chocolate cake!

  1. I hope all gets better. And I totally agree with the dating in highschool thing. Ive heard it pretty hard to be going out with someone and maintain good grades. All of your attention goes to one or the other. Oh and I’m a girl so that would make me a beverage… Hmm. I guess I’m Orange Pineapple juice because it is great tasting yet different at the same time and it is a mixture of two fruits. Just like me. I am great and different and multicultural. 🙂

    • TearLily says:

      Your beverage sounds so exotic and refreshing! I wonder what your piece of cake of pastry will be like!

      When it comes to grades and dating its just hard to even get the person you like out of your head while you are testing and doing homework! All you can think is gee what is he/she doing right now? It’s frustrating.

      Thank you! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend 😀

  2. Sandra says:

    Have a great Thanksgiving yourself and relax. Allow yourself to be you! Have fun. When you are old like me and look back at how short life is, you realize there is no time to be sad or to worry. If I am going to be anything, I will be a Mimosa, because the orange juice is the healthy sensible side of me, but the champagne is my wild crazy ambitious side. (In England, where I spent most of my life, we call Mimosa’s ‘Buck’s Fizz’}. Best drink in the world. Take care of yourself.

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