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Been a while again

on September 22, 2012

It’s been a while since I have been on wordpress. I don’t know why I am taking so long to get back onto it since the summer. I would at least check it and make a post weekly during the summer and now it’s like my poor blog is lucky to get any notice each month. I do like to write but lately I have just been so sluggish and lazy. I just do not want to do anything. I feel like going to the beach for a week and relaxing. Do absolutely nothing but relax and get a nice tan. Anyone else ever feel like that? If you could go anywhere for a week, where would you go and what would you do during the week?

I think I would like to go to Siesta Keys for a week and stay in a rented cabin or something on the beach. Siesta keys is a very awesome beach in Florida. It is actually ranked the number one beach in (I believe) America. The sand is this gorgeous sugary, white sand! The white sand stretches for quite a long distance until you get to this beautiful blue see through water. The waves are on the light side and there are tons of sandbars throughout the ocean where you can stand up and be in waist deep of water. I have gone two times on ROTC field trips. I don’t know if going to the beach without my friends in ROTC would be much fun though because we have a hugest party while we are there. We don’t have any music or anything! Just a bunch of good teenagers out at the beach swimming around and laughing. It’s amazing how you really don’t need to be drinking and smoking to have a “good time”. All you need are a bunch of good-hearted people who can make you laugh. If I was there for a week I would rent jet skis and book a para sailing trip or two. They had both at the beach but I think we would have had to book the para sailing trip in advance which none of us did.

So recently with school I am getting pretty busy with all my clubs and such I am in. I don’t know if anyone even remembers me putting before in previous posts that I am in HOSA which is Health Occupant Students of America and we are future doctors and nurses and other medical profession students that get together and compete in medical categories. We do a lot of fundraising until our major competitions start and today we had a carwash. I had more soap and water on me then the cars because our president had to pour a whole bucket onto the back of my shirt. Jose will forever be surprise pranked by me throughout the year now. -_-

I am in NHS (National Honor Society), which is basically a ton of community service work and school events! I am a “commitee head” for social activities but basically all that means is that I help one of the officers run the committee and set up events. All we have done so far is a college night where about 20 colleges/tech schools came to set booths up and talk about what they offer. I am wondering what to do. So many choices and of course they all say about the same thing!

I am still in ROTC and I think I have decided I will tough it out and stay in it till I graduate highschool just in case if I go into the military during college. I am going to afterschool practices for Colorguard. Which is the people in uniform who march with the American flag and Navy flag and two rifles. I am so short and small that the leather straps for the flags are huge on me so until they can fix that all I can learn are the rifles which of course get heavy but I am happy with those.

I got a physical recently for ROTC and the nurse told me I am now officially 5’2 and 102 pounds. I have lost weight and grown 1/3 of an inch taller. Oh and by the way I was planning to make an appointment for the red bus that comes on Tuesday at my school to donate blood to them. The minimum weight used to be 102 and it is now apparently 110 pounds. I heard a lot of people have been fainting and so they increased the weight but the thing is is that people have told me they passed out but they are like 140 pounds and buff guys. And then my friend who is super small and 104 pounds gave blood last year and she didn’t pass out. She was fine. I tried to donate blood two times last year but I couldn’t because apparently my pulse was too high but hey my iron was really good! I really just want to donate blood to find out what blood type I am.

Have you donated blood before? If you have, what was it like for you and would you do it again and if you haven’t why haven’t you? Are you afraid of needles?



P.S. I am also in book club but I missed the meeting unfortunately. haha Not everyone gets to say they are in book club but then again it seems like not many people at my school read unless forced to.

P.S.S. I have also been trying to run more so I have set a goal to run 2 times a week but I have failed at it this past week because my headphones broke so I can’t listen to my music on my ipod and I can’t stand running without music.


2 responses to “Been a while again

  1. Please keep writing! 😀 Love your posts 🙂

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