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Things I have learned from my Grandma : )

on July 14, 2012

My grandma is a closet stand up comedian. She is a hilarious person. I love her so much.  We were just drinking coffee and talking at practically midnight when she should’ve been in bed at 8 or 9 oclock.


Some things she has taught me :


1) Don’t take anything personal

2)Don’t Make assumptions

3)What someone says is a message about themselves so never take it personally




I think I may add some more later if we talk about it tomorrow. She is filled with stories and each one ends funny and with a good lesson. Next time appreciate your grandma or grandpa or somebody wise around you.




2 responses to “Things I have learned from my Grandma : )

  1. That is so right! Your blogging skills have come along way! Love your new setup, theme and everything! You go girl!

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