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I’m not Lovin it!

on July 6, 2012

So let me tell you about McDonalds today….


So I just finally got home from my grandmothers. I am exhausted and I don’t really know why. Maybe from not sleeping in my bed for a couple nights in a row? Anywho after my dad came to pickme up from my grandmothers, I asked him if we could run by McDonalds because I had just seen the Chocolate chip Frappe ad on the tv. You know how those ads always look so delicious, right? I had to have one! It had all of these yummy chocolate chip bits inside of it and it was also coffee. Yummm.


So he drops me off at Publix first to get some ice cream for him (It was suppose to be a fair deal. Me go get him something at Publix and he will go by Mcdonalds.). I successfully do some great ninja dodging skill stuff to make sure guy I don’t like in ROTC who works there doesn’t see me. (Actually it wasn’t very good. lol)

We go right by Mcdonalds and this huge storm starts coming down on us! As we are going through the drive thru the electricity turns off and then on inside McDonalds! The guy at the first window said he would give us a free Frappe since the cards couldn’t work right then. The lady then tells us at the 2nd window that the machines won’t do the whole chocolate chip thing anymore and so she couldn’t make us a chocolate chip Frappe. I felt like flipping tables. We leave with a free chocolate shake. 


While we are turning out I ask my dad if we could go by the other McDonalds and he says no because its another 5 miles in this weather. I start getting hysterical and laughing and tearing up and whatnot. (Hey! It happens when you are in a house with two old ladies since Tuesday and also when the rain happens to do this right when you are about to finally get your Chocolate Chip Frappe!) So he says fine because I helped his mom out when she was sick. I say I have to write a blog about it when we get home but I actually probably made someone’s blog today too because I was hysterically laugh-crying in the car at a stop light. Whatever…


So we drive to the other McDonalds and the same thing happened there too. Go Figure. 


When I got home I made myself a pitiful shake using the chocolate milk shake from McDonalds. It actually turned out good so here is the recipe if you guys want to try it out sometime. 


Pitiful milkshake to substitute a Chocolate chip Frappe:

Step one:Get completely fed up with Mcdonalds during a thunderstorm and get complimentary chocolate milkshake or just buy yourself a chocolate milkshake if there aren’t any chocolate chip Frappes.

Step two: Go home and put the Chocolate milkshake in the blender, add some brownies (Preferably the Mocha Fudge flavor one) and some  Chocolate ice cream (preferably the Publix brand Chocolate ice cream Moose tracks). 

Step Three: Blend well and put it in a cup.

Step Four: Enjoy while writing a blog post about how fed up about Mcdonalds you are. 






4 responses to “I’m not Lovin it!

  1. One time I wanted a shamrock shake and I had to go to three McDonald’s to get one . . . the first two said they were out!

    I’m sorry you didn’t get the chocolate chip frappe. I hope you get to try it again sometime; I think it’s delicious. My favorite part is being able to sip the chocolate chips and the liquid through the straw simultaneously.

  2. skarba says:

    wow that’s seriously unlucky!i will have to try this because I saw the frappe advertised on cuban tv….but they have no mcdonalds and in England we don’t do them. this could be more upsetting- just think you can go back another time!

  3. TearLily says:

    This is so true! And to think that I thought Mcdonalds covered the whole world. :/

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