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More Cheesey Pick-up lines!!

on July 3, 2012

I don’t know what it is but cheesey pick-up lines crack me up everytime! I just have a random hobby of getting bored and so looking them up. I saw this video on youtube (again) and just think it’s hilarious! I think it’s just funny because people don’t seriously do this do they?? I mean guys with me don’t have the guts to till we are making a huge group conversation about it, doing it at an anime convention, or after we have been dating. When we ahve been dating for a while, I’m sorry but we are soooo past the point of using pick up lines on me. -_- Maybe one day I will have the guts to go up to some guy at an Anime Convention (Because those have crazy cool people so no one gets offended and such). Which reminds me some guy was like Hey do you have a boyfriend at an anime convention but that’s not considered a pick-up line in my book. -_-

So here are some funny videos on pick-up line type stuff. Laugh, study up, and use them on someone one day lol.


This one has a lot of cursing and such but its hilarious


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