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Technology and I don’t mix well.

on June 30, 2012

So here is my struggle with Technology in a letter written to technology to get rid of my frustration…

Dear Technology,

You are a bubble butt. Do you want some reasons why, technology? No? Well too bad I’m going to tell you anyway! This past week you have been wrecking havoc and chaos on me purposely. You can’t fool me Technology! You purposely foiled my laptop’s charging cord!   You’re very lucky that my dad’s laptop cord fits mine too. You then made my Kindle Fire fall on the ground and for the screen to crack in the corner. How could you? How could you be so mean to me and my KindleFire? But that’s not all is it? You then proceeded to make my phone fall in the toilet and for me to lose all of my contacts and get a new phone.

I still hate you technology because you hate me,


Okay so this week has been a bad week for me and my technology. My Laptop’s cord broke, my KindleFire screen cracked, and my phone accidently went into the toilet! How does one lose their phone to the toilet you ask? Well one might put their phone in their bra so it doesnt fall into the toilet and then when they flushed it fell into the toilet. Lovely week…And did I mention it rained for like three days straight because of the Hurricane??

Always get a case for your things…





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