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Oh just that word I have been thinking about for weeks now!

on June 30, 2012

I have been trying to remember a word for the longest time and I knew it started with an “N”! It was talked about in my AP Biology class. It’s when the weak and dumb die off because they are weak and dumb. I was thinking about it because sometimes people are really dumb and you just hope their genes don’t keep being passed down. For instance, My sister was coming to Florida from South Carolina and there was this huge fire from a car accident on the big highway and there were a lot of cars stopped and apparently people were getting out of their cars and walking towards the fire like they were moths getting closer to lights…They got out of the car and started getting closer to the big fire!

Well anyway, the word was actually two words! It was Natural Selection! And guess where I read it from? A Memebase post…How weird.



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