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My family and their “text messages”

on June 26, 2012

Sometimes my family irritates me. Okay that’s an understatement! They irritate me a lot but that probably isn’t completely their fault.

Some of the reasons why they irritate me so much without it being their fault: (phew that was long.)

1.I have battled with depression and such the past couple years due to a lot of stress. I am still irritable but usually when I am tired or well mostly when I am tired during the day.

2.The way they grew up. I think it was the parents that passed down annoying traits that I then had to put up with!

3.Most of my family is older than me and I think their view on me is that they are always going to be right and I am always going to be wrong. Also the fact that they probably feel like they need to culture me or something close to that but in reality I don’t want to talk about religion or politics with them. At all. Ever!

4.I am very opinionated but I am not going to shove my opinions in someone else’s face and I feel like my family think they can do that to me and I will listen to them and agree but I make my own opinions up. My family and I are all stubborn so it is hard to change anyone’s opinions.

So that aside, I understand they grew up different than I did and so I understand why they have extreme religious views but at the same time I don’t really. They think they make their own ideas up but then they let others tell them what to think? I am not talking about religion either. I am mostly talking about politics and anything community wise.

So here is a normal day visiting at my grandmother’s house who lives maybe 20 minutes away.

It is maybe around 4 o’ clock in the afternoon. I am at my Grandmother’s house who we all call Mama and my Grandma is there who is basically my great aunt but I call her my grandma because she is like my grandma and my cousin is there as well during the summer.

My phone will vibrate throughout the day while I am there because I don’t put it on a ringtone unless I am setting it for the alarm for the next day because it will sound throughout the day for texts messages and notifications.

My phone vibrates like it typically does.

Everybody checks their phone frantically. (Good lamb. I wait a few minutes or finish whatever I am doing before I reply. No you don’t seem desperate.)

Mama says is that your phone?

Yes it is my phone. (This will occur throughout the day till I just put it on my thigh so it won’t sound but I know or I put it on silent which I don’t like to do.)

Cousin makes snobby comments for the millionth time. (This is why I have come to the conclusion that she will always irritate me and I will never be friends with her. Just cousins because she is so rude and nothing can change that. Not even not having many friends or boyfriends, her brother telling her things she does is rude, her mother telling her things she does is rude, her uncle (my dad) telling her things she does is rude, her cousin (me) getting so irritated that I explode on her, everyone else in the family always being annoyed with her, people at college being cruel to her. It isn’t right how people are to the point of what I would call a bully but it is a hint. I do love her and she is a hard-worker and I feel that she could be an amazing person with my self-esteem and if she came off nicer.)

Dinner gets served at 5-6 o’ clock and that’s okay and it doesn’t bother me but then…but then! My grandma looks at me and keeps attempting to make me my plate because I don’t eat that early and won’t make my dinner plate usually. This lady is 80 years old, almost 81, is on oxygen almost 24’7 and has hearing aids and isn’t very coordinated anymore. Fine I’ll go make me my plate of dinner and eat at 5:30 in the afternoon, Grandma! Love you too!

And then the tv is usually not on anymore and when it is it’s the news or politics or a cheesey movie. We use to watch the good old shows like the Waltons or Little House on the Prairie or The medicine woman (or something like that). Those are good shows and it’s not like I’ll watch those shows at my house because that’s kind of weird but when I’m there I don’t mind! Plus I don’t have tv at home right now. I watch anime and tv shows on netflix and so on and so forth.

So basically what I am trying to say is that GoshDangit family! When a phone vibrates while I am at your house it’s usually my text message, not yours! Stop making me feel awkward when I check my phone because it wasn’t your phone…I like to take my time checking my messages because life shouldn’t revolve around your phone.  I still love my family dearly especially my Grandmothers and my new baby cousin Kaykay.



Of course I live in florida…



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