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on June 25, 2012

Boys are…There aren’t enough words to describe them.


They can be such great people but then some go and be idiots.



So on the note of boys lately well bahumbug. (I don’t think I’m using that in the right context so what about boyhumbug? Naw too cheesey.)

So I was being driven to Publix while Hurricane Debby (Who names a hurricane, Debby??) was happening last night and I got dropped off by my DAD (remember that later in the story) over underneath the drop off hooded area in front of Publix. Some jerks decided they would just park there. Excuse me sir-mam-and-child, but some of us follow the common courtesy of a drop off . We drop off then come back when they are done. No lets just park my car off under the hooded area where people might like to get dropped off so they aren’t wet!!  (And just to irritate people more let’s not move all the way up so nobody can use it but us! It’s obvious Sir-mam-and-child are jerks).


So I went into Publix to get myself some Gatorade and I walked by some Cheerwine by going down the wrong aisle and got a little case of that. (In Florida it isn’t popular enough to be evrywhere so you have to get it in glass bottles. For those who do not know what Cheerwine is, it is a Soda that is great! It tastes like Cherry coke and I tried it in North Carolina because it’s everywhere there.)

So by the time I walked to the check out line I had a thing of 8 Gatorades and a case of 4 glass bottles of Cheerwine.  I was about to go to the 10 items or less line but then the guy walked over to bag another line and then I walked there and he was like I can take you over there! Go figure!

He was an awkward fellow but I mean I can be pretty awkward too. Another guy was bagging at the 10 item or less line. Wait let’s say that again. Guy bagging at 10 item or less line. 10 item or less line.

What the heck? Why would you need a bagging boy at a line that should have 10 items or less? Now this guy was wayy less awkward and kind of cute (a lot cute actually) and bagged my two items (Separately they are like 10 items but price paying wise it’s just two). He then proceeded to not ask me if I needed help with my two bags and walked me out! This has happened before but with a different guy who was more chatty! But it was awkward because I was in my Grandmother’s golf cart driving to Publix to pick up some items and go back. (Near there is a 55 or plus community and a bunch of people have golf carts so they literally have golf cart parking spaces at Publix.)


I was like oh okay I didn’t need help but thank you anyway. I’m just ten steps from door. I am a strong chick okay? I could’ve carried two bags. Guys are pigs. End of story. And my dad picked me up. How awkward. I’m not going to flirt with a guy when my dad is in the parking lot! (Okay I kind of would’ve if the guy wasn’t working, although a guy working is a good sign.)


So the lesson of the day folks is, if you are a guy and you bag groceries at a store make sure to ask the girl if she wants you to help her with bags out because then you don’t look cute and flirty you look like a jerk trying to tell her she isn’t strong enough to carry two bags. I don’t find that flattering and plus I rather bring my bags out myself if I only have two bags! Some older lady could be in there who needs help from some young cute boy. Make her day and smile at her and help her.







Yup he looks cute than he did a minute ago without the book!


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