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Have you looked up the lyrics before??

on June 24, 2012

Do we honestly know what we are singing when we are listening to songs? I mean I know I have mixed up lyrics (pretty much all the time) but I didn’t realize to the extent. I remember listening to Carrie Underwood when I was younger and thinking that when she sang leather seats in her song that she was saying legacy.  But today I have come to the realization that Nicki Manaj and her lyrics. Good lord! They, my friend, are really bad. I was watching some covers of songs and uhm Lady Gaga’s lyrics are not that bad compared to Nicki Manaj’s. She says the most awful stuff in her songs and the teenagers and children of today shouldn’t be listening to it…


Here is a cover on Poker Face from Lady Gaga by Chris from Chris Daughtry. (Amazing man makes mediocre pop catchy songs into something worth listening to.)





And then there is Nicki Manaj’s song Superbass with it’s bad lyrics.








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