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People and their freaking coordinated self

on June 23, 2012

Amazingly enough I am Asian but am not very coordinated. Can you believe that?

Asians are suppose to be like ninjas apparently when in reality most of us are not. Well let’s clarify that.

I am not ninja-like so I include my whole race (-ish).

(I say ish in parentheses because I am Vietnamese, Chinese, and then 25% white).


Other Asians:


And then there’s me:

So after dinner with my Dad and his Girlfriend (we had Kabobs and rice for dinner) I brought out cherries that I had recently gotten and my dad is all like oh I bet you can’t tie a cherry stem into a knot and I am like Pfffft I don’t need to do that. That’s a waste of time that I will not waste. I will eat the cherry and move on with my life and then I spent the next twenty minutes tying a cherry stem in my mouth. I did it…It was still a waste of my life but hey I did it and that’s what counts. But nobody saw me doing it and said I didn’t do it.


So in the end the lesson is, don’t do stuff that takes a lot of your coordination and time because no one believes you anyway.


I don’t really know if this post was really coordinated? I don’t feel like it had any point? Oh well enjoy the pics and your day.




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