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Getting paid to go to the beach…

on June 22, 2012

So this past Thursday, My two grandmothers and I drove to Daytona Beach for the day because my Aunt and Uncle have a beach condo there. My grandmothers visited with my Aunt while I went to the pool and the beach. It was interesting because the girl who is I guess I called my cousin last summer was there again and we went and swam together and such. It’s just so awkward because we really don’t know each other but I know she wants to hang out with me because she really hadn’t been around people her age in a while. She had been there since May she said and they apparently hadn’t done much. My thing with that is that she is lucky to have been able to stay there so long! They have the beach right there and a pool right there! Lots of cool places to eat and touristy stores. Just being able to go on a walk on the beach everyday would be awesome! I don’t care to get sandy much but walking on the beach wouldn’t be too bad and Daytona Beach is awesome when it comes to biking on the beach or driving you’re car on it and so on and so forth.

When I went to the beach on my own, because at first she said she didn’t want to go to the beach because she doesn’t like the feel of the water and she had gone with my grandmother to retrieve lunch, I was just walking a little bit into the water and I found a dollar bill! It was so random. I could only imagine the meme for it:

“Go to the beach and find dollar bill. Getting paid to go to the beach.”

Anyway it was a nice day but I can’t help but feel sad that it couldn’t have lasted longer.



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