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Why do we have so many carrots?

on June 19, 2012

I live with my dad and myself. Just the two of us. Two people.

I was looking in the refrigerator at the sandwich meats and such to see if anything has gone bad in the refrigerator and I find a huge ginormous bag of carrots (they’re the baby cut ones). We only have a pet fish so we can’t feed it an animal. It’s not  like the two of us could eat enough carrots to be rid of it. When did this bag get in the refrigerator?

And the worst part is is that I don’t like the carrots without ranch or some type of dressing and I don’t think we have very much ranch left. Oh the drama and agony a teenage girl in America goes through during the summer.

Okay so get this about carrots!

Fun Fact: I am looking on the web (Using bing of course! My favorite search thingy) and it says that having too many carrots can be harmful to your intestinal because it has so much fiber in it and also it might turn your skin a yellow tint because of the big amount of pigment it has in it. I am thinking to myself what if I already am a yellow tint? I am mostly Vietnamese and we Vietnamese are yellow tinted!


Don’t believe me? Check the page out:



So anyway Just eat carrots in moderation…










2 responses to “Why do we have so many carrots?

  1. MaximumWage says:

    I seriously need more carrot facts in my life.

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