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Really People?

on June 15, 2012

Sorry for anyone who keeps up with my blog for not blogging much! Just got into the Summer break for me which leads me to be lazy but I have gotten to go do things like go to the pool and theme parks.

So today’s post is about how I can not believe people sometimes! I have been on Facebook a lot more lately and it’s amazing how you can’t look through your feed without seeing a bunch of self-conceited people. Now this is pre-judging someone, but at the same time these are people I saw everyday at school and would say hi here and there that do this on Facebook. One girl has posted so many pictures of herself it is ridiculous. They aren’t pictures taken by a camera in different places either. They are all of her in her room from a webcam. Most of the pictures don’t even have any likes or comments. I find it a bit interesting and just go down my feed counting how many posts she has made within the past let’s say 12 hours. Too many to keep count off.

Others put stuff I don’t understand? Like what are you trying to tell me? If you’re going to write something please make it interesting besides “tbh I’m booooorrreedd text me.”

I didn’t know what TBH even meant till more recently and it has apparently been used a LOT. It means To be honest. Well TBH people of Facebook….Just don’t.

This also happens on Forums of RPG’s and other online games. Someone on this Virtual horse game I play (Don’t judge me) keeps posting stuff like what do people think of me? How well do you know me? and so on. It’s quite irritating and I usually don’t thumbs down people often on anything (Includes Youtube, and so on) and I do it everytime with this girl after reading like the 5th post title she wrote saying the same thing. -_-

I really don’t understand the point of putting something in public view for everyone to see when you really only mean it to one person? For example someone has put something like “I don’t understand. i thought we were friends and I was nice to you and did everything for you but then you are always mean to me.” And this girl puts it as her status and even though I felt bad for her she had always been very…Irritating. She would yell out questions to the teacher and be rude. So when someone is being mean to her and using her, perhaps it’s time to have some self reflecting time.

Has someone been mean or plain rude to you before when it seemed like you two were friends?

Self reflecting questions:
Did I say something to hurt this person (even if I was kidding but maybe i said it in a harsh tone)?
Does everyone try to avoid me or keep conversations short a lot?
Does no one ever like or comment on my posts or status or pictures?
What do people think of me?

Everyone does things that make others angry. It may not be because you are inconsiderate. You just might have been not in the right state of mind or were kidding but the other person didn’t realize. It happens to me all the time.

Anyone people are just weird and just uncomprehendable.



4 responses to “Really People?

  1. patpatkay says:

    Oh gosh. I could not agree with you more here. These people are just incredibly self absorbed and their veins pictures give me headaches…. I wish there was such thing as a dislike button on Facebook so I could dislike each one haha 😀

    • TearLily says:

      Haha totally agreed here! A dislike button would do everyone some good and peace of mind. These people who just want attention on Facebook would get the message that nobody wants to see their millions of useless pictures of themselves in front of a mirror. But I would want it to be anonymous when you put dislike…But then again if you’re disliking something and they delete you then oh well.

  2. patpatkay says:

    *vain Oh, how I hate autocorrect.

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