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I burnt my finger!

on June 5, 2012

I burnt my finger by touching a pan that just got out of the oven, which was set at 425 degrees by the way. I was cooking dinner. How was I suppose to know something that comes right out of the oven was hot? Geez I feel dumb because I even used those pan/pot holders to take it out and then I touched it anyway. My finger feels funny but no worries! It’s not a third degree burn because then I couldn’t feel anything. lol Health Science may teach me what to do to help myself and others after accidents but it doesn’t seem to teach me common sense to prevent the accident. By the way! I finally got CPR and first aid certified! I have a super duper cool card that says I’m certified and can help people in an emergency. They teach you during the course about cpr and what this device thing that is called an AED is. Does anyone know what this AED thing is? I bet not many…It is the device thing that sends shock to a victim during CPR. (But of course you stop doing CPR before it shocks and then go straight back to CPR.) During the course your suppose to make sure the area is secure then make sure the person is concious or not and breathing. If not then you check their pulse. If there isn’t one you tell someone to call 911 and get the AED. Yes because everyone knows where and what that is! Then your suppose to start CPR until the machine gets there and power it on and keep doing CPR and shock patient and keep doing it till emergency people come.

That’s a lot to remember and keep up with during an emergency! And no one knows what an AED is! I’ll just tell them to get the shocky machine while calling 911. I guess the 911 operator could tell the person what the AED is and where to find it?

I sure hope so. Make sure to know where you are at all times in case of an emergency, people. Make sure you know where your exits are and make sure you know where AEDs are! It can be the difference between life and death because the sooner the heart gets shocked the better of a chance the person will survive. CPR is only used to keep the body alive because it keeps pumping oxygen through the blood system. It doesn’t make the person come to life.

Stay safe,



Example of what AED looks like. They can look different. Different colors and such! Just make sure you get familiar with the symbol or one. : ) If you ever happen to be near an AED and need to use it on someone that is unconscious and without a pulse, first thing is first your safety is number one. Make sure the scene is safe and no harm will occur to yourself and anyone around you. Turn the AED on because it takes a while to power up usually. Make sure someone is calling 911. If you are not trained how to properly give CPR then you could be endangering the person more by doing it wrong. If you know how to properly do CPR then do CPR until the AED is ready. Then put the pads on (Shock pads have stick on ability and they have super easy diagrams to follow) and keep doing CPR. The machine will literally talk to you! It will tell you how long to do CPR. Remember, 30 chest compressions then 2 breaths. The AED will tell you when to step away because it is going to shock the person. Sometimes you have to press the shock button.





First Aid Kit


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