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Three things I did today…

on May 14, 2012

Taking this from what I said off of the Forums on off topic. If you are reading this and a blogger do it to and comment so I can see what everyone has been up to?

Three things I did today…

Took a super long standardized test that took half my day away from school. I only have 4 classes a day and it took up 2 classes completely and ran over part of one.

Played this weird game in English where you were given characters and World War three apprently occured and you have to vote for which characters your going to vote out of the barrack to save the select few. My name was Anna and I was 24 and pregnant. I got to live. YES! (We laughed so hard during class! It was a ton of fun but it got a bit aggressive because one girl who was a guy character deserved to live because she was a scientist. Gosh Darnit she’s a scientist. : D But our teacher told us she might be a bug scientist…)

I had to turn in a propaganda poster for History and it had to be during World War 2 (I swear my teachers plan to do things around the same topic but they tell me they don’t talk to each other…). I decided to do one from America’s view and make it against Germany (mostly Hitler). My Basic meaning was they are bad and the technique was fear. The propaganda’s had to follow the basic rules of the Mein Kampf. The Mein Kampf means “my struggle” in English and Adolf Hitler wrote it about himself (he was a very self-centered man), and he wrote about his belief and idea on the government and how propaganda is almost necessary when it came to controlling the masses of people. Propaganda is purely made to make people have one opinion on something. They are simple so everyone can understand. They use this all the time in advertising.


My propaganda was based off of this picture of the Happy Tree Friends which I have just recently discovered because I found a picture of one of the bear characters in anime form. The character is in the picture but it was obviously an off day for him…


Just an off day...

I Drew this but with the hat Hitler was wearing in one of his pictures. This was on a white poster and I should have taken a picture because I thought it turned out pretty well! It also had “You’re Next” written on it. (Bringing the fear out, if the knife didn’t do it enough.)   Again the guy is misunderstood in the show. He is a guy who went to a war and came back with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so if he hears a loud sound or sees something that reminds him of a war he starts going crazy and hurts his friends…See Misunderstood!


What were you up to today? (I bet it wasn’t drawling creepy pictures)



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