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on May 13, 2012

I’m a bit irritable right now. I sort of feel like complaining to someone right now but at the same time I want to be anti-social and blog about my problems. I think I ended up choosing blogging…

These last couple weeks have been very, how do I put it, emotionally straining. I think that’s a good way to describe it!

My ROTC instructor has now told me that he wants me on the staff again (meaning becoming an officer) when before the whole jacket incident had happened and he got investigated and didn’t like me so much anymore and then now seems to favor me again. (If your just tuning into my posts now and such well let’s just say he is an old man who is very perverted at times and is too into the girls in ROTC and picks favorites and helps them become officers. He had used me to demonstrate tucking in the jackets correctly one day when we were wearing uniforms and it made me uncomfortable and he did it to other girls to. I didn’t go to the administrators myself but I did tell a trusted person that wasn’t there at the time and is an officer and he and someone else went and a bunch of girls and I got pulled out of ROTC the next week and got questioned about it.) So this was just annoying if anything. I don’t know if I want to be in ROTC anymore because of all the drama and favoritism. You have to go through so much crap to be in it, (like uniforms once a week, pushups and situps everyday, pt on fridays, and the boring history lessons! (We worked on the Civil War for like months!)).Then on top of all of that there is more crap with all of the annoying officers that don’t deserve what they have. I want someone who actually worked hard to be leading me. Not some barbie doll chick who was favored.

My dad and I got into a whole emotional argument thing last night because he didn’t do anything yet for our grandmother’s mother’s day thing and we were hosting it at our house! He hadn’t gotten gifts yet and didn’t want to go out and get something then because he was tired. I understand but seriously, he could have done something before but didn’t. And now that I am thinking about it, I am still ticked off about all of that. I have a serious grudge holding problem.

I feel so exhausted. I cleaned the house yesterday and today and went to store with cousin and aunt for food and gift for mothers day celebration today. Cooking and such today. I didn’t do as much cooking as my cousin though.

Another thing is that I am a bit annoyed that my aunt looked at my computer while I was on the forums on wordpress, here, and asked me what I was doing and such. Excuse me but I am a responsible person. I told her I was on my blog on the forums and she asked later about it. It’s not like she was interested just for fun but seemed like she was worried about it. My dad already knows about it and honestly I would rather family and friends not read this because well family irritates me and I love them and need to be able to say why i’m irritated, mostly for somewhere to let it out.  If anyone I know is reading this then well maybe if your family its good for you to know how I feel about the general ideas of the family.

1)I don’t care if you have your opinions and differences, please do not express them to me because I don’t want to know. I have my own thanks and just because it’s your opinion and you think it’s right doesn’t make me want to change my opinion at all but hold on to my own thoughts tighter. (This includes your opinion on politics, religion, and so on. I don’t have a problem with the religion thing too terribly much but I do! I don’t believe it’s right to push your religion on others so don’t. How do you know if it’s really right or not? Someone else could be more right about life then you are. Don’t try pushing things on people, especially me, because it makes us resent the idea and you.

2)It seems like everyone in our family favors Mama (my grandmother) and practically act like she is superior. This irritates me because in all honesty she talks about herself highly all the time but then when something happens that she says she has done before she does nothing (She was an RN for a long time before and talks about taking care of people and being really high in the hospital all the time but when we stop to help a man who fell out of a golf cart because he had a sort of a coma from excess insulin she doesn’t do anything.) I love her and she really is amazing but someone needs to tell her one day that modesty is a good thing sometimes, especially when talking about one’s achievements.

3) You know what I’m just going to make another post about it and list what annoys me most about family or something.

Another thing that happened tonight-you know what, forget it. Everyone has issues and I guess we just have to learn to live with them or at least learn how to avoid them better. But on the safe side that anyone I do know *ahem*Aunt*ahem* then keep this in mind or tell a certain cousin of mine! Do not just take one of my Cheerwine in a glass bottle without asking! It cost me 5 dollars for 4 glass bottle of Cheerwine. It was all that was at the store and they don’t have it much in Florida! I wouldn’t have minded if my cousin has just simply asked me if she could have a bottle for later but what she did was start to take it without asking. I was like what are you doing? And she was like I’m taking a bottle. (These are moments where abbreviations don’t feel like they would cut it. WTF?!) I said that was fine but when you don’t ask it makes me resent you. (I don’t know if I am phrasing that right?) It makes me cringe because I always ask when I’m at people’s house even family if I’m not there all the time or there’s not a lot of something! It’s just rude. Just ask me. It doesn’t bother me to give you something if you ask. I like giving because it gives me a warm feeling and peace but it’s like stealing from my soul when you take something like that that I can’t wait to have but know there’s so little of it. Jerkbutt! I’ve been waiting weeks to get a chance to get some!

Being irritable,



3 responses to “Irritable

  1. I am in quite the irritable mood myself. I wanted to also let you know that if you are at school, work or college, there will always be Favortism and drama, so I guess better you stick with it and learn how to deal with it now. When you go to work it will be much worse. Hope you feel better tommorow. 🙂

    • TearLily says:

      Thank you. I know and understand but at the same time they do realize that who they are picking to lead us can’t lead us in ROTC. If they can’t do the job then they should be demoted. It’s like they earned the rank so it wouldn’t be that devastating to be demoted.

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