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Spam? Why oh why?

on May 11, 2012

Why must people spam? It makes it hard to make sure I’m not deleting the nice people’s comments out there! Just saying…


And also if your going to put a hate comment you might as well not because your post’s fudgebutt will be thrown in the trash/delete permanently. Honestly. I’ve only ever gotten one super mean comment but it’s like really? Was that necessary? It’s not like I will forever through you in my brain’s file as a complete dumbarse but Yeah I’m going to do that. LOl sorry for being childish about that but for some reason I find it hard to get over certains things. Especially when it’s a complete stranger doing something completely mean.


One time I was minding my own business walking in my grandmother’s neighborhood. Their neighborhood is a 55 and up neighborhood where you have to have someone 55 years old or older in your household and need to be at least 18 to live there. I visit my grandparents all the time. When their friends meet me they love me and compliment me. I’m a good gosh darn teenager! I don’t go around doing bad stuff…pffttt I can’t even think of anything bad. So anyway, I was walking and this guy literally stops his car and drives reverse to stare at me and yell at me and tell me that I don’t belong there. I was like I am visiting my grandparents. He was still rude and was like it doesn’t matter and they have to be with you. Ok creepy old man. Let’s creep on this poor teenage girl because lets stick to the stereotype that old people hate teenagers. People like that that make teenagers want to tepee their house and egg their cars.  I wouldn’t have minded flipping some sh** right then! That’s so rude! Why anyone would want to single themselves out of the world and be placed in the old people world is beyond me! When I get old because one day I know it will happen! I will cherish children who are good and not live with other old people because that makes you feel older! Just to set the record I love old people but certain ones. I love my grandma because she has such a young soul. When I spend the night at her house she stays up late talking to me. She’s so funny too!

So some vows to myself came out of these experiences of rude people.

1) I shall never work in Geriatic Care when I am in the medical field. (working with old people)

2) I Shall for now on have a good freaking sob story on my sleeve to tell people when they are all rude to me so I will make them feel terrible for being rude. Oh the joy of that!





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