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Rifle PT and Kayaking! My arm muscle is building up!

on May 6, 2012

Today I went kayaking in the afternoon time. It was a ton of fun! It’s diffidently hard work though.


I went to a place called Wekiva River or Wekiva Island.  It was super busy today and the river is spring fed so it’s flipping freezing! I didn’t get a sunburn which is just awesome! I almost always get one even when I wear sunscreen and put it on a couple times. Although now my face may be a bit reddish.


Last Friday I had Rifle PT at ROTC and my arms were sore that night and all yesterday. I was surprised they weren’t sore today and even more surprising was that my arms don’t hurt now from kayaking! My muscles in my arm are building up! Hopefully my abs increase a little more. I will try harder when I do sit-ups at school for the next couple weeks because in about two weeks on a Saturday we are going on a ROTC beach field trip to a beach called Siesta Keys. It is absolutely gorgeous! I want to look nice and feel nice! It will hopefully be tons of fun will little to no drama.


The beach has pure white sand that looks like sugar and blue waters that have a sandbar out far. There are volleyball nets and such and apparently it is now ranked number 1 beach of America! I feel lucky that we can go again. (We got to go last year for our field trip. Apparently the educational part of the trip is that we learn about the undersea life…rightttt.)


Have a great coming up week everyone and hope your weekend was great.



7 responses to “Rifle PT and Kayaking! My arm muscle is building up!

  1. I love kayaking! Great Post!

  2. Aracely says:

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